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THE sus­pi­cion of Philippine Drug En­force­ment Agency (PDEA) chief Direc­tor Gen­eral Aaron Aquino that the mil­lions of pe­sos worth of co­caine re­cently re­cov­ered off the wa­ters of Ca­marines Norte, Siar­gao and the Di­na­gat is­lands is merely a ploy by drug syn­di­cates to dis­tract au­thor­i­ties from larger bulks of il­le­gal drugs be­ing smug­gled into the coun­try may be closer to the truth than any­body would be will­ing to ac­cept.

The re­al­ity right now is that mil­lions if not bil­lions of pe­sos worth of the il­le­gal drug “shabu” (metham­phetamine hy­drochlo­ride) is cir­cu­lat­ing around the coun­try or else stored in se­cret ware­houses un­der the watch­ful eyes of drug syn­di­cates. This has al­ready been proven by the seizure of so many ki­los of shabu by the au­thor­i­ties just re­cently. The fact that this huge vol­ume of shabu has found its way into our ter­ri­tory only means that some­how these drug deal­ers have be­come clev­erer and more de­vi­ous in craft­ing ways and means to trans­port their il­le­gal prod­uct.

The strat­egy of al­low­ing small caches of il­le­gal drugs to be de­tected and seized in or­der to dis­tract au­thor­i­ties from dis­cov­er­ing big­ger ship­ments of pro­hib­ited drugs about to be trans­ported is not an orig­i­nal idea and may well be em­ployed in the fu­ture by these drug syn­di­cates to guar­an­tee the safe pas­sage of their con­tra­band.

But apart from hav­ing the right as­sump­tion on what these float­ing pack­ages of co­caine rep­re­sent in the big­ger scope of drug run­ning PDEA Chief Direc­tor Gen­eral Aquino should also be se­ri­ously con­cerned on how to pre­vent such huge ship­ments of ‘shabu’ from en­ter­ing the coun­try and ef­fect the ar­rest and neu­tral­iza­tion of these drug syn­di­cates who con­tinue to flaunt their abil­ity to cir­cum­vent the law.

One trou­bling im­pli­ca­tion of these float­ing co­caine pack­ages is the tak­ing ad­van­tage of these drug syn­di­cates of the por­ous and long open coast­lines of our ar­chi­pel­ago which ad­mit­tedly can­not be con­stantly pa­trolled 24/7 by our naval and mar­itime pa­trols and thus serves as a back­door for the en­try of con­tra­band into the coun­try.

Some­how the govern­ment must find a way to in­crease the vig­i­lance of our naval forces with re­spect to our por­ous mar­itime bor­ders in or­der to in­sure that il­le­gal drugs will not be dumped over­board only to find its way along our coast­lines and even­tu­ally by those who would sell them for profit.

A sug­ges­tion worth con­sid­er­ing is the de­ploy­ment not only of fast at­tack gun­boats but also drones which will serve as their eyes in the sky to de­ter at­tempts by drug couri­ers to in­fil­trate our coast­lines. Still an­other sug­ges­tion is for the govern­ment to make sure that each span of coast­line is mon­i­tored closely by those liv­ing along these ar­eas.

They can be barangay of­fi­cials or com­pos­ite groups from the var­i­ous en­force­ment agen­cies of the govern­ment as­signed there with du­ties to pa­trol and watch over these coast­lines. The navy of the AFP should also re­cruit fish­er­men who reg­u­larly sail the high seas and with the as­sur­ance of re­ward money en­cour­age them to ob­serve and mon­i­tor il­le­gal ac­tiv­i­ties in the wa­ter and re­port this back to the au­thor­i­ties.

There is only so much that can be done to pre­vent the re­cur­rence of il­le­gal drugs be­ing floated along our coast­lines but the hard­est steps are usu­ally the first ones. What is vi­tal is for the govern­ment to uti­lize all avail­able re­sources in the fight against il­le­gal drugs be­fore it de­stroys the na­tion.

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