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What is stop­ping you from get­ting a good run?

There are few run­ners even in the com­pe­ti­tion; this phys­i­cal ex­er­cise is just not fun to do for many.

I’m sure you have tried run­ning, but maybe you found a thing or two that served as road block for you to con­tinue run­ning. It might be be­cause you are a stu­dent who have so many other things to do, too much work in the of­fice, run­ning is ex­haust­ing, you do not feel com­fort­able, it is bor­ing or sim­ply be­cause you do not have a good rea­son to run.

Run­ning is not just a phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity; it is an ex­er­cise that en­com­passes a lot more than you think. Let’s fo­cus in ap­pre­ci­at­ing the ac­tiv­ity and less of com­plain­ing on how we want it to be per­fectly easy when we are not tak­ing the steps to pre­pare our­selves in do­ing it right. There is prepa­ra­tion needed to get a good run and reap all the ben­e­fits it has to of­fer will. If you are a fit to run and a begin­ner run­ner, you can dou­ble your run­ning dis­tance or run­ning time in a just few days with prac­tice. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Gears – it de­pends on what works for you. Some peo­ple are fine in run­ning bare­foot, but if you pre­fer to wear shoes, it has to fit you well. Not to tight or not too loose. Do you need pock­ets for your stuffs, short or other work-out clothes? You can use your phone for up­beat mu­sic. A good run or walk is even bet­ter with mu­sic that gets your blood pump­ing and your feet mov­ing.

2. Pace and Mo­ti­va­tion – if you are too fast you may get tired faster and make your lungs feel de­feated. Try to slow down, or fol­low a pat­tern that will help you in­crease your en­durance. You are not in a com­pe­ti­tion yet, it does not mat­ter how far you can go run­ning. Try a three min­utes brisk walk­ing then a three min­utes slow run. Re­peat this and let’s see if you can per­form 30 min­utes or more.

3. Pos­ture – when you know what to do with your body parts it is a game changer. a. Hands should be main­tained on your sides like you are in be­tween two nar­row walls. The el­bows are slightly back form­ing about 90 de­grees just as when you are hold­ing a cup and moves a bit as you run

b. Shoul­der blades are slightly back so you can breathe more with an open chest. It is not proper when you have for­ward shoul­ders.

c. Head po­si­tion is good when you are look­ing for­ward with chin up, not down or up high.

d. Hips should not move too much and the ab­domen or core should be ac­ti­vated to give you power. Think of your belly but­ton go­ing to­wards your spine, nicely cen­tered and firm.

e. Feet should land at the balls of your feet and not in the heels. Where is the ball of your foot lo­cated? The part just be­low the fin­gers or toes of the foot, also called fore­foot. f. Lean slightly for­ward and let the grav­ity help you with mo­men­tum.

4. Breath­ing is al­ways in your mind dur­ing run­ning. It is like telling your body that “I am in charge and I will not stop un­til I say so.” Count your breath­ing and breath­ing out. You can try one step and take one breath and you will find out that the run­ning pace may seem slow. Some rec­om­mends breath­ing 2 ins and 2 outs. If your lungs get tired in do­ing this, try an­other like 2 breath­ing in then 3 breath­ing out. Use your nose for breath­ing in, count 1 and 2, then ex­hale in your mouth, count­ing 1 and 2 as a rhythm.

So how far can you go? How long can you run? How is your run­ning ex­pe­ri­ence? May these tips help you in your run­ning jour­ney and ap­pre­ci­ate the good things that come with it. En­joy your jog­ging and see if you can out­run your pre­vi­ous self for the bet­ter.

These tips were given by, Joel C. Cangco, Mas­ter Teacher I at Ni­canor David Ver­gara High School, Anao, Mex­ico, Pam­panga.

This Fun Run ar­ti­cle is with con­nec­tion with the school’s Ac­com­plish­ment Re­port on “Barkada Kon­tra Droga - BKD” Cam­paign About Pro­hib­ited Drugs (SY 2018-2019).

Ni­canor David Ver­gara High School (NDVHS) of Anao, Mex­ico ad­heres in the cam­paign of the govern­ment and De­part­ment of Ed­u­ca­tion (DepEd) to erad­i­cate the use of “pro­hib­ited drugs” not only in the com­mu­nity but most es­pe­cially in dif­fer­ent schools where the pos­si­ble vic­tims were mi­nors or youth (stu­dents).

In line with this, the NDVHS or­ga­nized a com­mit­tee to con­duct cam­paigns, meet­ings and dif­fer­ent ac­tiv­i­ties pur­posely to ed­u­cate and in­crease the aware­ness of the stu­dents about neg­a­tive ef­fects of pro­hib­ited drugs to us.

The BKD Com­mit­tee was spear­headed by our ad­min­is­tra­tors Mr. Domingo S. Reyes (Prin­ci­pal III), Mr. Den­nis D. Del Rosario ( Head Teacher IV), Mrs. Eve­lyn F. Trinidad (Head Teacher III), Mrs.My­lene S. Man­dani (Head Teacher III), Mrs. Josephine Del Rosario ( Head Teacher I), Mr.Ramil M. Balajadia (BKD Pro­gram Im­ple­men­tor), Ms. Chris­tine Anne Sam­pang (Grade 7 Co­or­di­na­tor), Mrs. Grace Car­bungco (SSG Ad­viser), Mrs.DiosaCu­nanan (Grade 9 Co­or­di­na­tor), Ms. Sophia Her­nan­dez (Grade 10 Co­or­di­na­tor), Ms. Ma Beatriz M. Des­tura ( SHS Co­or­di­na­tor) and Ms.Vierna T. Pan­gan ( MAPEH Co­or­di­na­tor).

The BKD Com­mit­tee and SSG Of­fi­cers con­ducted the cam­paign against il­le­gal drugs from Nov. 8-14, 2018. They brought ban­ners and tar­pau­lins bear­ing slo­gans im­parted in each sec­tion ev­ery grade level. Such slo­gans used were “Say NO to DRUGS”; “Bawal na Droga ay iwasan para sa ma­g­a­n­dang kinabukasan.”; “YES to SPORTS, NO to DRUGS”; and “Sa Drugs, Talo ka.”

The Com­mit­tee also watched a movie en­ti­tled “Tu­lak” at Robin­sons Starmills, Mex­ico, Pam­panga where 513 stu­dents joined the view­ing. Dif­fer­ent virtues and ill-ef­fects of drugs bought to so­ci­ety and in­di­vid­u­als were wit­nessedin the movie wherethey learned moral lessons from it. The drive of the govern­ment to erad­i­cate it in the so­ci­ety was seen and even if the fight against drugs may seem like a los­ing bat­tle be­cause of its mas­sive net­work, its huge prof­its and col­losal pro­tec­tors who lack the will to end it, we must all do our part to stop it-first with our­selves, then with our fam­i­lies , then with our com­mu­ni­ties.

Fi­nally, the Philip­pine Drug En­force­ment Agency (PDEA), Philip­pine Na­tional Po­lice (PNP) and Sang­gu­ni­ang Ka­bataan (SK) of Mex­ico ex­tended their sup­ports by giv­ing “Komiks Kon­tra Droga” last Fe­bru­ary 19, 2019. In­deed, we are one in fight­ing il­le­gal drugs.


II at Ni­canor David Ver­gara High School, Anao, Mex­ico,

The au­thor is Mas­ter Teacher Pam­panga

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