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Read­ing is an es­sen­tial tool for the ac­qui­si­tion of var­i­ous in­for­ma­tion and in­sights. Hence, it is of great sig­nif­i­cance that learn­ers be taught and even­tu­ally be equipped with read­ing strate­gies that could de­velop their skills.

A great af­fir­ma­tion of the im­por­tance of de­vel­op­ing pro­fi­cient read­ing skills among learn­ers is the fa­mous say­ing , “To­day a reader, to­mor­row a leader”. This state­ment il­lus­trates the path that good and wide read­ers may have in the fu­ture. Th­ese could only be achieved if teach­ers of English, par­tic­u­larly, in the area of read­ing would con­tin­u­ously be equipped with var­i­ous teach­ing strate­gies or ped­a­go­gies that they could use in teach­ing and in de­vel­op­ing the Read­ing skills of all learn­ers, most im­por­tantly the oral read­ing flu­ency of pri­mary grades pupils for it is in this level that the read­ing pro­fi­ciency level of stu­dents start to be de­vel­oped. With such prom­i­nent need, rel­e­vant train­ing must be planned and con­ducted to ca­pac­i­tate read­ing teach­ers as to how they could ad­dress the needs of their pupils in terms of the devel­op­ment of their read­ing skills. Train­ings must in­clude teach­ing strate­gies, ap­proaches and the devel­op­ment of ap­pro­pri­ate in­struc­tional ma­te­ri­als that fo­cus in devel­op­ment of their oral flu­ency, vo­cab­u­lary skills, com­pre­hen­sion com­pe­tence, in­clud­ing their cre­ative, crit­i­cal and in­ter­pre­ta­tive skills which they could use in in­ter­pret­ing text, bill­boards, and sig­nages in var­i­ous forms of me­dia.

An­other way of equip­ping teach­ers with the con­tent and teach­ing strate­gies is through pro­fes­sional read­ings. They them­selves must read var­i­ous books that could en­hance their knowl­edge as teach­ers of Read­ing. They must in­vest re­sources, time and ef­fort in ac­quir­ing in­for­ma­tion and strate­gies for the ben­e­fits of the learn­ers. In Ad­di­tion, teach­ers must es­tab­lish part­ner­ship with the par­ents of their learn­ers so that col­lab­o­ra­tively, they could en­hance what the learn­ers ac­quired in school. Par­ents should have su­per­vise study time with their chil­dren reg­u­larly. If com­pe­tence in Read­ing is viewed as key tool that opens a vast of in­for­ma­tion and wis­dom, its devel­op­ment among all types of learn­ers must con­tin­u­ously be given pri­or­ity by the gov­ern­ment, the school, the home and the com­mu­nity to en­sure a bet­ter and more pro­duc­tive fu­ture for the youth.

Fi­nally, learn­ers are to be ori­ented about the sig­nif­i­cance of hav­ing pro­fi­cient read­ing com­pe­tence. They should be made to re­al­ize that th­ese skills will help them all through­out their ex­is­tence and th­ese could be their pass­port of achiev­ing more in their pro­fes­sional life so that they would ex­ert greater ef­fort and have the right paradigm in ac­quir­ing this com­pe­tence.

It is on this pur­pose that a one day train­ing is pro­posed to be con­ducted for 50 pri­mary grades teach­ers to fur­ther equip them nec­es­sary teach­ing skills and strate­gies that would be uti­lized in de­vel­op­ing the Read­ing Skills of the pri­mary Grades pupils.

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THe au­thor is OIC, Ed­u­ca­tion Pro­gram Su­per­vi­sor/ Prin­ci­pal I at City Schools Divi­sion of City of San Fer­nando

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