COM­MEN­TARY! Graft in pub­lic schools

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IN THE past, Tony is a right­eous man. Be­fore en­ter­ing the teach­ing pro­fes­sion in pub­lic schools, he once, had over­flow­ing virtues. Al­most at the point of en­ter­ing the sem­i­nary, he de­cided to be­come a pri­est. But it was not his calli ng.

Raised in the hard­work­ing mid­dle class, nonethe­less, has at­tended pri­vate schools in nearly all of his ed­u­ca­tion, he has trea­sured the value of self­sup­port as the per­fect plat­form or mech­a­nism for sur­vival. Thus, he pos­sessed knowl­edge and skills in both so­cial and eco­nomic as­pect.

Mean­ing, he can com­mu­ni­cate well to any per­son re­gard­less of so­cial class, from the or­di­nary ven­dors, mid­dle per­son, man­agers and pro­fes­sion­als and he can also dis­tin­guish if they have the moody, happy go lucky, hyp­ocrite or pompous per­son­al­ity. He knows well that by re­al­ity, life is not at all, a piece of de­li­cious cake, baked well, chilled, scented and served eas­ily in the sil­ver plate.

There has to be an in­stance where he has to face some dif­fi­culty deal­ing with a par­tic­u­lar goal and as such he must have to square off with sev­eral per­son­al­i­ties. Luck­ily, he has learned the art of mak­ing any per­son per­ceive hu­man worth or im­por­tance in the so­ci­ety. For in all his deeds, he came to re­al­ize that, what make a per­son happy were recog­ni­tions from achieve­ments of what­ever en­deavor, sig­nif­i­cant or slight.

Tony also knows the dif­fer­ent ap­plauses – the real, de­ri­sive and the deeper once.

Back in his first year high school, Tony be­longs to the sci­ence sec­tion of the univer­sity. But like all boys in that age, Peer in­flu­ence and the love for ad­ven­ture, how­ever, pulled his grades down­ward. Thus he was de­moted to a tech­ni­cal sec­tion. Be­ing able to re­flect well, he copes up and made it as salu­ta­to­rian at the end of the school year.

In those times, grades were com­puted ob­jec­tively, trans­par­ently and fairly. No magic tricks of what­ever kind to in­flu­ence the out­come of any com­pu­ta­tions, and there are no places for the cons, bo­gus or jok­ers in the honor rolls.

But things pri­mar­ily al­tered when Tony trans­ferred to a Catholic school. He was hap­pier, think­ing that Catholic schools ir­refutably prac­tice good virtues. Ex­celling in aca­demics and some ex­tra–cur­ric­u­lar ac­tiv­i­ties, he has done his best ex­pect­ing that per­haps, at the end of the school year, he will be listed in the top five of the honor rolls.

And so the ver­dict came and the list was rolled down. As­sum­ing to be num­ber two based on the com­pu­ta­tions of his teach­ers as pre­sented in his class, Tony was in­stead ranked at num­ber five. He went to his ad­viser to protest. Tony, how­ever, was not con­vinced of the ex­pla­na­tion that Honor recog­ni­tion were not only based purely in aca­demics but ten per­cent of the to­tal per­cent­age must come from

lead­er­ship and ex­em­plary deeds as what was de­cided by the en banc of men­tors.

Sep­a­rately com­puted from the com­po­nent sub­jects, the ten per­cent will be de­cided by all of the sub­ject teach­ers. Al­though, Tony re­al­izes the im­por­tance of lead­er­ship skills, he ap­pealed with a prayer that lead­er­ship skills and ex­em­plary deeds should be sep­a­rated from the aca­demics as these can­not be com­bined to­gether to de­ter­mine the top five honor stu­dents. There was also a pos­si­bil­ity, that the ten per­cent will be abused.

As it can be seen, Tony was given lesser points in lead­er­ship al­though his aca­demics are high. Those who have been given higher points are sons or daugh­ters of in­flu­en­tial per­son in busi­ness and pol­i­tics. In­stead of be­ing con­sid­ered, Tony was scolded for fight­ing out with the honor com­mit­tee. Thus, Tony has de­cided not to ac­cept his award, for in his heart, he felt be­trayed and cheated. That ten per­cent left a scar and will never be for­got­ten.— Clay­ton Cha­capna

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