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Maka-Diyos, Maka-tao, Makaka­likasan, at Mak­a­bansa. These are the val­ues taught in school. These are the core val­ues of the De­part­ment of Ed­u­ca­tion that teach­ers keep on in­still­ing to the learn­ers.

M ak a-Di yos

Our faith to our Almighty God is what con­nects us to Him. By be­ing MakaDiyos we are able to do good for us, to our fel­low­men, to our neigh­bors. As we put our trust to Him, we ac­knowl­edge the great­ness that He can do in our lives.

M ak a-t ao

The val­ues that have been im­parted to us in our home and in school is what keeps our hu­man­ity. We learn to share, to care, as we fo­cus on truth, jus­tice, free­dom, love, equal­ity and peace. In school, we are ed­u­cated to love and re­spect our class­mates for we are equal. We are both hu­man with equal rights, none among of us is above against an­other.


It in­volves the con­ser­va­tion and devel­op­ment of our mother na­ture. Chil­dren are taught to take care of the en­vi­ron­ment by be­ing re­spon­si­ble in the use of elec­tric­ity, proper waste seg­re­ga­tion. Some schools also ex­pose learn­ers to ac­tiv­i­ties such as tree plant­ing pro­grams to help re­store the tress that have been de­stroyed.


We re­spect our laws, our gov­ern­ment, and we pro­mote just and hu­mane so­ci­ety where we live in peace with our fel­low Filipinos. We oath our al­le­giance to the Repub­lic of the Philip­pines, our one and only coun­try where we and are fam­i­lies, and rel­a­tives are born.

As 21st cen­tury learn­ers, it is just but right not to ne­glect our core val­ues, even if we gear to­wards a pro­gress­ing fu­ture that awaits for us.

The au­thor is Teacher III at In­hobol El­e­men­tary School, In­hobol, Masin­loc, Zam­bales

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