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How can a teacher say that he or she has achieved the pur­pose of ed­u­cat­ing a child? Will we be able to mea­sure how much knowl­edge our stu­dents have gained? Of course, we have a lot of as­sess­ments that could help us do that. As­sess­ments that have been proven to be ef­fec­tive in mea­sur­ing the knowl­edge, skills, and in­for­ma­tion that the stu­dents have learned. But as 21st Cen­tury ed­u­ca­tors han­dling the new gen­er­a­tion learn­ers who are ex­posed with tech­nol­ogy that some­how have a ten­dency to eas­ily get dis­tracted, out­comes of as­sess­ments have in one way or an­other, have fallen short. That is why ed­u­ca­tors nowa­days have to do ev­ery­thing in their power to catch the at­ten­tion of their learn­ers. More ef­fort is needed in pre­par­ing the daily ac­tiv­i­ties in the class­room be­cause it is be­lieved that stu­dents eas­ily learn through games, play, or other re­lated ac­tiv­i­ties that will make stu­dents ac­tively par­tic­i­pate by means of col­lab­o­ra­tive learn­ing with ex­tra amusement for them to en­joy. How­ever, that is not enough. Al­low­ing the stu­dents en­gage in dif­fer­ent real-life ac­tiv­i­ties do not only mean en­joy­ment but be­ing able to come up with solutions that could some­how help them to re­al­ize that as young as they are, they can already con­cep­tu­al­ize res­o­lu­tions that can be used for their per­sonal ben­e­fit. This ad­van­tage gained does not only end in the four cor­ners of the class­room. Ul­ti­mately, it’s go­ing to be a life-long skill that the learn­ers will bring with them as they leave the school, as they make their own de­ci­sions in life, as they pur­sue on their own ca­reer, as they be­come pro­duc­tive cit­i­zens of the coun­try, and as they nur­ture their own fam­ily. Know­ing that the learn­ers we have shep­herd in the past have already be­come these kinds of in­di­vid­u­als, we are cer­tain that we are on the right track of guid­ing them. These are the re­wards of teach­ers who pas­sion­ately give their finest for their learn­ers. Be­cause we, ed­u­ca­tors, be­lieve that the best pro­jects that we will ever work on are our stu­dents. It is in­deed go­ing to be a mis­sion ac­com­plished!


The au­thor is Teacher II at Pam­panga High School

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