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Many peo­ple in to­day’s gen­er­a­tion may share a com­mon dream… A dream of “peace and unity”. No­tice how our daily lives are af­fected by var­i­ous events that may change our fu­ture. Peace is greatly threat­ened nowa­days. We al­ways heard news about ter­ror­ism, war, ten­sions coming from dif­fer­ent countries, bomb­ings and other events. What we are ex­pe­ri­enc­ing now are not only in­di­ca­tion of un­cer­tainty but it can even mean the worst. Have you won­dered why all these things are hap­pen­ing? Look around and you’ll find the an­swer. Each day we see peo­ple. Among them are peo­ple who does wrong to their fellow cit­i­zen. Ev­ery day we heard from news­pa­pers about crime and these fright­ened the peo­ple. We should help these peo­ple be­fore they can cause harm and be­fore it’s too late. We can be suc­cess­ful in at­tain­ing peace if within our­selves we can at­tain it. Hav­ing con­cern in the so­ci­ety is so im­por­tant. The best thing that we can do is to re­port bad in­ci­dents to avoid be­com­ing a hin­drance of peace. This only show that peace sim­ply starts in all of us. The big­gest war is within our­selves. It is the ego that play the ma­jor role and we have to fight it. If there’s no peace in us, there will be no peace in this planet. If there’s chaos within us, there can be chaos in this planet.


The au­thor is Teacher III at In­hobol El­e­men­tary School, In­hobol, Masin­loc, Zam­bales

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