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What are some of the best strate­gies to learn? Are you in­ter­ested in find­ing ways to learn new things faster? Do you want to be­come ef­fec­tive and ef­fi­cient learner? If you are stu­dents who are like this, your time is lim­ited so it is im­por­tant to get the most ed­u­ca­tional value out of the time you have avail­abl e.

Learning is not the only im­por­tant fac­tor, how­ever. Re­ten­tion, re­call, and trans­fer are also crit­i­cal. Af­ter all, learning new in­for­ma­tion if you can­not re­mem­ber it or uti­lize it ef­fec­tively later on when you need it? Stu­dents need to be able to ac­cu­rately re­mem­ber the in­for­ma­tion they learn, re­call it at a later time, and uti­lize it ef­fec­tively in a wide va­ri­ety of sit­u­a­tions.

So what can you do to be­come a bet­ter learner? Be­com­ing an ef­fec­tive and ef­fi­cient stu­dent is not some­thing that hap­pens overnight, but putting a few of these tips into daily prac­tice can help you get more out of your study time.

One tip to be­come a more ef­fec­tive learner is to sim­ply keep learning. So if you are learning a new lan­guage, it is im­por­tant to keep prac­tic­ing the lan­guage in or­der to main­tain the gains you have achieved. If you want the new in­for­ma­tion you just learned to stay put, keep prac­tic­ing and re­hears­ing it.


The au­thor is Mas­ter Teacher I at An­ge­les City Na­tional High School,

Di­vi­sion of An­ge­les City

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