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Most of us tend not to eat break­fast reg­u­larly be­cause of var­i­ous reasons- “I don’t have time to cook”, “I don’t even know how to cook”, “I’m not in the state of mind to eat”, “and “Im on a diet”. Though this meal is con­sid­ered as the most im­por­tant meal in a day that a per­son should take, there is still num­ber of peo­ple and even stu­dents who are in a hurry skip their break­fast. Here are some of the good reasons why we need to make break­fast as a habi t :

1. Main­tain and achieve healthy weight/body. Skip­ping break­fast will lead to eat­ing snacks which are less nu­tri­tious and has more calories. This could af­fect your weight be­cause your body will start stor­ing calories and fats from the un­healthy choice of f o o d s.

2. Keeps you fo­cused. Start­ing your day with full stomach will give you the en­ergy to stay alert and fo­cus on your work com­pare to peo­ple to skip break­fast.

3. En­er­gize one ’s self. Break­fast has its ef­fects to one’s per­for­mance. Most es­pe­cially those peo­ple whose works need phys­i­cal strength. Stud­ies shows that stu­dents who skip break­fast are hav­ing a hard time to con­cen­trate on the les­son sim­ply be­cause they are hun­gry. Break­fast serves as a fuel in the body. It keeps us be en­er­gized to per­form well.

4. Role model. if you eat your break­fast reg­u­larly you may be able to in­flu­ence your fam­ily mem­bers or even friends to eat break­fast. In­tro­duc­ing eat­ing va­ri­ety of nu­tri­tious foods at break­fast helps them to be­come more ac­tive and de­velop healthy habits.

There­fore, break­fast gives you the nu­tri­ents needed to be healthy, in or­der to fo­cus and per­form task ef­fi­ciently.

So, let us be a break­fast lover!


The au­thor is Teacher III at Gerry H. Ro­driguez High School

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