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The in­ter­net plays an im­por­tant role in the life of stu­dents to­day. It can be a source of learn­ing as many of the so-called “ne­ti­zens” can eas­ily up­load any photo, video or writ­ings that may be used as sources of in­for­ma­tion for learn­ing. Com­puter files are eas­ily shared through so­cial me­dia, thus can be used as in­for­ma­tive tools.

With the in­flux of gad­gets, web­sites, soft­wares and apps (com­puter applications) in the main­stream, tech­nol­ogy is of great help to stu­dents who can do re­search works, gather in­for­ma­tion and ma­te­ri­als needed for their stud­ies.

The so­cial me­dia is an­other plat­form where we can get some in­for­ma­tion at hand. As part of the in­ter­net por­tal, we can like­wise get some re­search ma­te­ri­als on so­cial me­dia in­clud­ing the news and other in­for­ma­tion on cur­rent events.

The in­ter­net pro­vides al­most fi­nite in­for­ma­tion on many sub­ject matters. It has be­come a wide win­dow to the world, not just on his­tory but on real-time events any­where in the world. For stu­dents con­duct­ing re­search works, tasks have been made easy and very ac­cessi b l e.

De­spite the great help of the in­ter­net to stu­dents, there are how­ever the down­sides of it. Stu­dents are made so de­pen­dent on the in­ter­net that they would not ex­ert much ef­fort on the tra­di­tional form of re­search that would re­quire ex­ten­sive read­ing and phys­i­cal and men­tal efforts in gath­er­ing data.


The au­thor is a public school teacher at Dios­dado Ma­ca­pa­gal

High School at Sto. Domingo, Mex­ico, Pam­panga

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