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And even more An­ge­lenos be­lieve their lives now are bet­ter com­pared to ten years ago or be­fore Mayor Pam­intuan started his three terms in of­fice,” said Socrates Sa­bile, who is the cam­paign man­ager of the lo­cal po­lit­i­cal party Par­tido Abe Ka­pam­pan­gan where Pam­intuan is over­all chair­man.

Sa­bile said the SWS sur­vey, taken from Fe­bru­ary 25 to March 1 this year, asked An­ge­les re­spon­dents the ques­tion in Filipino which read “Kung ikukumpara ang uri ng in­y­ong kasalukuyang pa­mu­muhay sa nakaraang 12 buwan, masasabi ba ninyo na ang uri ng in­y­ong pa­mu­muhay ay (MAS MABUTI NGAYON KAYSA NOON, KAPAREHO NG DATI, MAS MASAMA NGAYON KAYSA NOON) ?”

“About two out of five (38%) say that their qual­ity of life now is bet­ter com­pared to 12 months ago (gain­ers), while 15% say it is worse (losers), for an ex­cel­lent net gain­ers score (% bet­ter now mi­nus % worse now) of + 22. Al­most half (47%) say that their qual­ity of life now is the same as be­fore,” the SWS re­ported.

The SWS re­ported that “nearly half (48%) said their qual­ity of life now is bet­ter com­pared to 10 years ago, while 16% say it is worse, for a net score of + 32. Thirty-six per­cent say that their qual­ity of life now is the same as be­fore com­pared to 10 years ago.”

Based on the SWS ter­mi­nol­ogy for Gain­ers-Losers, a + 20 and above net score is con­sid­ered Ex­cel­lent, + 10 to + 19 is Very High, + 1 to + 9 is High, -9 to 0 is Fair, -10 to -19 is Me­diocre, -20 to -29 is Low, and -30 and be­low is Very Low.

Sa­bile said the ex­cel­lent as­sess­ment of An­ge­lenos on the per­for­mance of Mayor Pam­intuan in of­fice is ex­pected to boost his chances of be­ing elected as con­gress­man un­der the AbeKa Partylist.

“Even though Mayor Pam­intuan will have to leave city hall, An­ge­lenos are not wor­ried be­cause of Pam­intuan’s en­dorse­ment of in­cum­bent Vice Mayor Bryan Ne­po­mu­ceno to be his suc­ces­sor as mayor,” he added

An­ge­les City Ad­min­is­tra­tor Den­nis Pam­intuan, for his part, said the re­sults of the SWS sur­vey is proof that the peo­ple ap­pre­ci­ate the ac­com­plish­ments of the Pam­intuan Ad­min­is­tra­tion sup­ported by Ne­po­mu­ceno.

“Yung iba nan­gan­gako palang, ang kasalukuyang ad­min­is­trasyon nag­tra­baho na at marami ng na­gawa. Kaya tra­baho nalang po tayo at huwag puro puli­tika,” the city ad­min­is­tra­tor said.

Ac­cord­ing to the re­cent SWS sur­vey of An­ge­les res­i­dents, “about two out of three (64%) are op­ti­mistic that their qual­ity of life will im­prove in the next 12 months.

In the same sur­vey, one per­cent of the re­spon­dents are pes­simistic and 33 per­cent are ex­pect­ing the same. This gives an ex­cel­lent net op­ti­mism score (% op­ti­mists mi­nus % pes­simists) of + 62.”

Ne­po­mu­ceno’s run­ning­mate for vice mayor is in­cum­bent city coun­cilor Edu Pam­intuan, son of Mayor Pam­intuan. All are run­ning as of­fi­cial can­di­dates of the Par­tido Abe Ka­pam­pan­gan.

Of the 48 per­cent re­spon­dents who said that their qual­ity of life im­proved, 52 per­cent said there are more Liveli­hood, Jobs, Pro­duc­tiv­ity (52%) now and 21 per­cent cited that there are Bet­ter Lives, Econ­omy and 11 per­cent Peace and Or­der in the Com­mu­nity.

A sim­i­lar SWS sur­vey con­ducted na­tion­wide con­ducted from Dec. 16 to 19 last year found 37 per­cent of the 1,440 re­spon­dents say­ing their lives had im­proved (gain­ers) over the past 12 months while 25 per­cent said their lives wors­ened (losers), re­sult­ing in a net gain­ers score (gain­ers mi­nus losers) of “very high” + 12.

Nearly half or 45 per­cent were op­ti­mistic that their qual­ity of life would im­prove in the next 12 months, as against 5 per­cent who said it would get worse, for an “ex­cel­lent” net op­ti­mism score (op­ti­mists mi­nus pes­simists) of plus + 40, an upgrade from the “high” + 27 (36 per­cent op­ti­mists, 9 per­cent pes­simist) in Septem­ber.

The SWS sur­vey con­ducted in An­ge­les City has a sam­ple size of 300 val­i­dated vot­ers in the city. At the 95 per­cent con­fi­dence level, this im­plies an er­ror mar­gin of plus or mi­nus 6 per­cent at the city l evel .

The sur­vey uti­lized face-to-face in­ter­views us­ing a struc­tured ques­tion­naire with vi­su­als. (end)

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