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Stress is de­fined as a state of men­tal or emo­tional strain or ten­sion re­sult­ing from ad­verse or de­mand­ing cir­cum­stances, as de­fined by Ox­ford dic­tionary, it means that there are things in life that can­not be con­trolled and emo­tions are break­ing down through dif­fi­cult cir­cum­stances.

Med­i­cal term as www.medicinenet,om ex­plains stress is a phys­i­cal, men­tal, or emo­tional fac­tor that causes bod­ily or men­tal ten­sion. This can be caused by two fac­tors ex­ter­nal or in­ter­nal; too much stress can lead to pal­pi­ta­tion, slows down di­ges­tions, loss of hear­ing etc., or it can even lead to anx­i­ety and depr essi on.

The fol­low­ing tips could help you to man­age and re­duce your stress lev­els 1. Keep a pos­i­tive out­look in life – hav­ing a good at­ti­tude that even in the worst sit­u­a­tion you can han­dle it in a pos­i­tive way – look at the other an­gle and see the good side of it.

2. Take a va­ca­tion – take time to dis­tress by go­ing to a place where you can re­lax and leave your work for a while and en­joy life to the fullest.

3. Have a healthy and bal­ance diet – avoid too much caf­feine and too much sugar.

Take ev­ery­thing in the most pos­i­tive way to over­come stress, learn to pause and breathe and be healed for hap­pi­ness is a choice. Al­ways choose to be happy!


The au­thor is Teacher III at Pam­panga High School

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