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When chil­dren want some­thing from their par­ents, they ask for it ei­ther through a re­quest or a de­mand. And some­times as young as they are, they can al­ready de­vise a strat­egy in or­der to force their par­ents to give what they want. Some chil­dren would throw tantrums when the par­ents do not approve of their wish and still in­sist of do­ing so un­til they get what they want. Some chil­dren trans­form into ac­tors and give their best per­for­mance to their par­ents so as to gain their fa­vor and be able to ac­quire what they are yearn­ing for. Chil­dren some­how learn that through their own ap­proaches, they are able to reach their goals. Though most of the time they are very per­sis­tent even without know­ing the con­se­quences of their ac­tions.

Many of us have life goals that are ei­ther short or long term goals. These goals are our per­sonal ob­jec­tives in at­tain­ing what we want in life. As ma­ture in­di­vid­u­als, we make plans that would help us ac­com­plish our goals that we have al­ready set in our life. These plans are not just any ordinary plans but these are in­tel­li­gent pro­ce­dures that we have de­vised to make sure that we achieve our goals in the time­line that we have set.

As we work on our dreams, these are the things that we care about, we make cer­tain that we do ev­ery­thing in our power to achieve them and mak­ing sure that we do not af­front any­body in do­ing so.

Once we are con­fi­dent enough on the dreams that we have in mind, it is al­ready au­to­matic that we have a vi­sion in life that helps to push in achiev­ing them. But be­ing pushed to­wards our goals is not enough. Rather, the vi­sion that we have set should pull us to move for­ward in achiev­ing our dreams and when this hap­pens, we can pas­sion­ately work on them and as we do that, our work in achiev­ing our dreams will feel ef­fort­less.


The au­thor is Teacher III at Pam­panga High School

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