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Ac­cord­ing to Mer­riam-Web­ster Dic­tio­nary, re­spect is a feel­ing or un­der­stand­ing that some­one or some­thing is im­por­tant, se­ri­ous, good, valu­able, or im­por­tant and should be treated in an ap­pro­pri­ate way. This is how we want other peo­ple to treat us. And this is also what we want to show to other peo­ple.

In the school set-up, teach­ers meet stu­dents who can be termed as like­able and un­like­able. Those who are like­able are the ones that are easy to ap­pre­ci­ate. These are the stu­dents who are good, well-man­nered, in­tel­li­gent, their ap­pear­ance is neat, and whom we can eas­ily de­pend on and do tasks im­me­di­ately. On the other hand, stu­dents that are re­garded as un­like­able are those that be­have badly es­pe­cially in­side the class­room, those that bully their fel­low stu­dents, those that are at­ten­tion-seek­ers, and stu­dents that are un­ruly that tend to dis­rupt classes, and the op­po­site of the like­able stu­dents.

As teach­ers, we deal with a lot of stu­dents that have di­verse per­son­al­i­ties. And we want ev­ery sin­gle stu­dent to re­spect us what­ever char­ac­ter they may be. But as the one in-charge in the four corners of the class­room, we have to be the first and fore­most model of re­spect be­cause re­spect is not to­tally equiv­a­lent to lik­ing a stu­dent. In­stead, it is the ca­pa­bil­ity to have the ut­most re­gard for the role of an­other whether that per­son is a stu­dent or a teacher.

In or­der to gain re­spect, we have to demon­strate it first to es­tab­lish that con­nec­tion to every­body and it will even­tu­ally spread to ev­ery sin­gle per­son that we en­counter.

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The au­thor is Teacher II at Pam­panga High School

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