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We all be­lieve that Ed­u­ca­tion is the key to suc­cess, but how can our fu­ture gen­er­a­tions be­come suc­cess­ful some­day if the mil­len­ni­als nowa­days are com­pla­cent to learn?

As a teacher, it is in our hands how our fu­ture gen­er­a­tions would be, but it is re­ally frus­trat­ing to know that only 5 % of the pupils are se­ri­ously study­ing and the 95% are just go­ing to school for the sake of just go­ing, then go­ing home with­out re­ally learn­ing.

Even the teacher pre­pares her 100% ef­fort to make the teach­ing-learn­ing process easy and en­joy­able. Still the lack of in­ter­est of the pupils make it non­sense. But who’s to blame? Is it the teacher? The cur­ricu­lum? The pupils? The par­ents? The govern­ment? The com­mu­nity?

If we are re­ally think­ing about it, there are many fac­tors why our pupils refuse to learn. As a teacher and as a part of ed­u­ca­tion it is our re­spon­si­bil­ity to make our pupils be­come suc­cess­ful some­day. As the say­ing goes, "Teach­ing is one of the no­blest pro­fes­sions". It means that if we put our heart in teach­ing, our pupils they will feel it and they will change to be­come bet­ter learn­ers.

If we touch their lives, surely we can in­spire them to be­come suc­cess­ful some­day. It is not on how the teacher uses dif­fer­ent strate­gies and ex­cel­lent In­struc­tional Ma­te­ri­als but it is on how the teacher treats her pupils like her own child. Be­cause pupils be­lieve that Mother knows best. If they feel that we are like their Mother they will make us proud, they will do their best to be­come suc­cess­ful some­day. So let's treat our pupils like our own child.

The au­thor is Teacher I at San Pedro El­e­men­tary School

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