Spiral Pro­gres­sion Cur­ricu­lum: A So­lu­tion or A Prob­lem

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Spiral Pro­gres­sion Cur­ricu­lum: A So­lu­tion or A Prob­lem? This is the ques­tion in the minds of many ed­u­ca­tors who are en­gaged in the cur­ricu­lum, ex­pe­ri­enc­ing quite a bit of a prob­lem aris­ing from the ap­pli­ca­tion of Spiral Cur­ricu­lum Ap­proach.

Ac­cord­ing to Jerome S. Bruner, a Psy­chol­o­gist and Ed­u­ca­tor who de­vel­oped and in­tro­duced Spiral Cur­ricu­lum, chil­dren as they grow must ac­quire a way of rep­re­sent­ing the re­cur­rent reg­u­lar­i­ties in their en­vi­ron­ment. Learn­ing does not only in­clude concepts, cat­e­gories and prob­lem solv­ing pro­ce­dures but also the abil­ity to invent things for one­self. Cog­ni­tive growth in­volves in­ter­ac­tion be­tween hu­man ca­pa­bil­i­ties and cul­tur­ally in­vented tech­nolo­gies.

There are three modes of rep­re­sen­ta­tion ac­cord­ing to Bruner. Modes of rep­re­sen­ta­tion are ways in which in­for­ma­tion or knowl­edge are stored or en­coded in mem­ory. Th­ese are en­ac­tive oc­cur­ring at age 0 to 1 year, ap­pears when a child re­sponses through mo­tor skills; iconic oc­cur­ring at age 1 to 6 years, in­for­ma­tion are stored vis­ually through di­a­grams and il­lus­tra­tions; and sym­bolic de­vel­ops from 7 years on­wards, the most adapt­able form of a code from im­ages to ac­tions.

Bruner con­struc­tivist the­ory sug­gests that learn­ers should fol­low pro­gres­sion process of devel­op­ment through sev­eral stages in or­der to learn and ac­quire all the skills for the to­tal devel­op­ment of the child. But prob­lems arise due to time frame, scarcity of ma­te­ri­als used in teach­ing, too many ac­tiv­i­ties and un­fo­cused en­vi­ron­ment.

It's up to you to say whether spiral pro­gres­sion is a so­lu­tion or a prob­lem in the teach­ing-learn­ing process.

The au­thor is Mas­ter Teacher I at Sin­dalan High School.

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