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When I was grow­ing up in Po­rac, I al­ways an­tic­i­pated the com­ing of the Holy Week. It was a bond­ing time with my barkadas and we made rounds of what we knew in our youth as ‘puni’ and chanted some verses in the Bi­ble. We con­sid­ered it then as fun. Now in my adult years, I now take se­ri­ously the cel­e­bra­tion of the Holy Week. For the mil­lions of Catholics of the Chris­tian world, it is time for more prayers and re­flec­tions. It is for ev­ery­one to re­flect and do some soul search­ing. It is a way of un­der­stand­ing who we re­ally are and what life is all about. You might dis­cover that you need each day to strengthen your faith in our Cr eat or.

“From dust you came, to dust you re­turn”. It is said when you are born, there is only one di­rec­tion, and that is death. And who ever you are, even if you are at the lofti­est of tower, death will over­take you. From womb to tomb. But never fear death, for in death there’s still life above. We com­monly hear that from the priests’ hom­i­lies in the parishes when they are re­mind­ing the flock.

“The great­est gift God has given to mankind is death. I am try­ing to imag­ine peo­ple who would be in ad­vanced age, bedrid­den, im­mo­bile and only un­der as­sisted liv­ing, who may silently in­voke the Good Lord to end their suf­fer­ings. I have a friend from whose fa­ther was in that state for more than 10 years and un­der the care of nurses for a cer­tain good length of years. Ac­cord­ing to him, in some in­stances he vis­ited his fa­ther, he would just take pity on his old man who kept ask­ing who he was. The fa­ther can no longer rec­og­nize his own fam­ily but re­mem­ber his friends and col­leagues in the early years when he was still a prac­tic­ing lawyer. It was a piti­ful sight. I’ve heard he fi­nally breathed his last. Two close friends of mine, one from Manila and another from An­ge­les City, are still in a coma to­day. The first one was orig­i­nally from Cand­aba town, was suc­cess­ful as a gov­ern­ment con­trac­tor, hand­some, quite pop­u­lar to the op­po­site sex and dated sev­eral movie ac­tresses but some­how bad health had be­fallen him.

The se­cond fel­low is also suc­cess­ful busi­ness­man deal­ing in big busi­ness in Su­bic. He is also in prop­erty devel­op­ment busi­ness but his money is no help to re­gain his con­scious­ness. He is in a coma for al­most five years now. I know some­one from Po­rac who was an ICU pa­tient at the An­ge­les Univer­sity Foun­da­tion Hospi­tal for more than three years. She made a lot of money from sev­eral busi­nesses, but spent all the prof­its for hospi­tal bills. She at some point asked God to end her misery and pleaded death. God works in mys­te­ri­ous ways. It is al­ways in God’s hands.

There are so many other true-to­life sit­u­a­tions wherein peo­ple begged God for mercy to end their suf­fer­ings. ‘Fa­ther, why thou hast for­saken me’? Even our Lord Je­sus Christ ut­tered these words to­wards heaven when his hu­man body can no longer endure the pain. What more for or­di­nary mor­tals?

Dur­ing this Holy Week I hope each one of us will try to con­tem­plate our own life ex­is­tence. That it may fo­cus on the fragility of hu­man life, that one day you will breathe your last, and that at the end you can make good ac­count­ing of what you have done for ot her s.

A blind­folded lady sym­bol­izes hu­man jus­tice, mean­ing she cares not if you are rich or poor, good look­ing or ugly, ed­u­cated or un­let­tered, but her ears can still hear and be tempted of a whis­pered promise. Not in the Divine Jus­tice, hus­ti­cia divino. It will be right mi­nus wrong since in my be­lief, God is all just. If you have done thou­sands of good deeds and com­mit­ted few in­frac­tions and felt re­ally sorry for your sins, God in the last judg­ment may re­serve a seat for you in heaven.

Our life is only for to­day. Be nice, hum­ble, gen­er­ous and kind. En­joy ev­ery mo­ment be­cause as it can be re­peated, God works in mys­te­ri­ous ways.

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