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This sea­son of tours and trav­els is like­wise a jour­ney of re­flec­tion into turn­ing points of a good dis­ci­ple where his para­mount goal is to en­rich a de­sir­able school­com­mu­nity life. While he con­tin­ues to pacify num­ber of bar­ri­ers yet his con­fi­dence ap­pease his degree of readiness.

He con­fi­dently in­ter­acts along in­di­vid­u­als in a com­mu­nity school and as­sures an ounce of con­fi­dence. The rich ex­pe­ri­ence of a dis­ci­ple like him no­tably grows and he bet­ter learns the turn­ing points of his daily plan with healthy at­ti­tude. Op­por­tu­ni­ties would knock at the door and once, and so the swift get­ting-up at­ti­tude would de­pend to ope­ness and will­ing­ness to re­spond.

Each day, one expects his co-dis­ci­ple to un­der­stand one another's way of life, its own lifestyle. There are per­sons who have dif­fer­ent styles of up­bring­ing and they are not fine to get along with. Thus, as a good dis­ci­ple, he has turn­ing points to of­fer.

Think of a "life­line" rep­re­sent­ing the years you have lived from birth to present. Imag­ine, you form a straight line above. You jot down sev­eral chrono­log­i­cal pe­ri­ods,child­hood, teen­days, col­lege, first love and first job. Be­low, you write the place where you were liv­ing on these pe­ri­ods. Pin­point on these lines four "turn­ing points" or growth ex­pe­ri­ences which sig­nif­i­cantly in­flu­enced your life and in­duced you to shape your present val­ues.

The drama and prime­time of your high school life, when your par­ents' re­la­tion­ship was in com­mo­tion or when The Holy Spirit reached out to you last year. Your num­ber of eva­sion from the flip of strug­gle, fi­nally, the pos­i­tive way of be­ing de­ter­mined and wit­ful.

If you are through with equip­ping your mind with the 'flash­back' en­core, then, the "flash­light" is bet­ter lively work­ing on! You ar­rive pretty to a level of progress. For sure you put col­ors to sym­bol­ize the pen­i­tence and the tri­umph. Other in­sight would come from peo­ple near you, be able to re­lay. Do not get fed-up in ex­plain­ing ev­ery de­tail of your points along with theirs. When you lis­ten at­ten­tively, you then, re­sume to clar­ify ideas. Be­sides, you, definitely, take turns in shar­ing. In trac­ing your turn­ing points ide­ally, you ar­rive at a high level of in­ter­est on yfel­lows. In school, in par­tic­u­lar, lot of anx­ious faces be­gin to smile and smile back.

Turn­ing points switch on beau­ti­ful mem­o­ries.Things like nos­tal­gic feel­ing re­calls how hard life was,and put­ting them al­to­gether sprouts the new life of re­dis­cov­ery of last­ing joy.

A good dis­ci­ple's turn­ing points should qual­ify grow­ing stages of a per­pet­ual process of be­com­ing. It is com­fortive of him, of you, and any beau­ti­ful mind to be­lieve that in or­der to fully de­velop our­selves along with cre­ative turn­ing points, then,we must be in a con­stant, spir­i­tual,emo­tional and in­tel­lec­tual evo­lu­tion. 'Whether we ad­mit or not,the fact re­mains that we are not the same two days in a row. The sum to­tal of ex­pe­ri­ences in one day is enough to qual­ify our think­ing".

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