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+ealth e[perts have emphasi]ed the importanFe oI having parents and adult Iamily members as role models in promoting a healthy liIestyle to Fombat obesity among Fhildren 2bese Fhildren and adoles Fents are at high risk oI heart disease, hypertensi­on, diabetes, and even Iatty liver &hildren, based on their age, are Fonsidered obese Zhen their body mass inde[ %0, is above the th perFentile Irom the

th to th perFentile, ZhiFh is Fonsidered normal $n unhealthy liIestyle primarily Fontribute­s to obesity among Fhildren and adolesFent­s 7he IolloZing are also IaFtors that lead to obesity laFk oI e[erFise, high intake oI sZeetened drinks rather than Zater, inadeTuate sleep, and Fonsumptio­n oI Munk Ioods and other empty Falorie Ioods like baked goods and iFe Fream 7he use oI gadgets among the young population is also a IaFtor in obesity, noting that gadgets limit Fhildren Irom moving around E[perts pointed out that obesity among Fhildren and adolesFent­s is preventabl­e by promoting and maintainin­g a healthy liIestyle, espeFially by having parents and adult Iamily members aFt as good e[amples 3artiFi pation oI the entire Iamily in aFtivities that promote healthy liIestyles, like e[erFising, is also highly enFouraged ,n terms oI the use oI gadgets among Fhildren, e[perts urged parents to limit their Fhildren s e[posure to gadgets and instead let them go out oI their homes and play Zith their Iriends and play mates $s obesity is prevalent among sFhool Fhildren in the Fountry, the Department oI EduFation DepEd issued DepEd 2rder , s in 0arFh , mandating the promotion and developmen­t oI healthy eating habits among the youth and DepEd employees by making available healthy, nutritious, and aIIordable menu FhoiFes, and setting Iood standards 6inFe then, it has been implemente­d in all publiF elementary and seFondary sFhools, learning Fenters, and DepEd oIIiFes aFross the Fountry $lthough not mandated, private eduFationa­l institutio­ns are highly enFouraged to adopt or implement the same poliFy 2ne oI the meFhanisms oI the poliFy is that all sFhool Fanteens are mandated to striFtly adhere to the set oI Iood standards ZhiFh Ioods and beverages are alloZed to be served to the Fhildren and ZhiFh are not, and ensuring that the Ioods and beverages served IulIilled the reTuiremen­ts oI a ³healthy diet ´ 3artiFular­ly, the Iood standard that is being IolloZed is the ³3inggang 3inoy,´ a Iood plate guide developed by the Department oI 6FienFe and 7eFhnology )ood and 1utrition 5esearFh ,nstitute D267 )15, that aims at helping )ilipinos determine the kind oI Iood and the proportion to be Fonsumed per meal


7he author is a 7eaFher ,,, at 0anibaug 3aralaya Elementary 6Fhool

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