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7he reFently FonFluded /earners¶ &onvergenFe /earn&on 3+ Zas Fonvened to FraIt the 1ational $Ftion 3lan Ior /earner 3artiFipat­ion 6ome , learners and youth leaders Irom regions oI the Fountry, Zho are aFtive and responsibl­e Fontributo­rs to nation building, attended the event and Fommitted to mobili]e learner Fentered Fampaigns and initiative­s on health, sports, learner Iormation, disaster risk reduFtion and management, and learners¶ rights and proteFtion to make a huge impaFt in the Fountry¶s basiF eduFation 9iFe 3resident and EduFation 6eFretary 6ara = Duterte Fommended the delegates Ior using their voiFe to advoFate Ior poliFies supporting Tuality and inFlusive eduFation through their involvemen­t in sFhool¶s student government or other student organi]ations 6he enFour aged them to Follaborat­e and build a strong netZork aFross regions and organi]e aZareness Fam paigns about issues aIIeFting )ilipino youth $ highlight oI /earn&on is the eleFtion and oathtaking oI the neZ set oI 1ational )ederation oI 6upreme 6eFondary /earner *overnment 1)66/* oIIiFers Ior 6Fhool


7he author is a 7eaFher , at 6to 1ixo Elementary 6Fhool

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