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0ost oI the people in the eduFation system today talk about st Fentury teaFhing and learning and hoZ Fan students Fope up Zith the demands oI the industry 7he aim oI the . to programs is to prepare graduates either Ior Zork or business, Ior Follege or Ior global standards +oZever, there are still students Zho Iind it diIIiFult to meet the reTuiremen­ts oI the basiF eduFation program speFiIiFal­ly language arts, mathematiF­s and the sFienFes ,n a study FonduFted by 0ushtaT and .han entitled )aFtors $IIeFting 6tudents¶ $FademiF 3erIormanF­e, FommuniFat­ion, learning IaFilities and proper guidanFe play an important role in the perIormanF­e oI the students and pose a positive impaFt among them Zhile Iamily stress reduFes the perIormanF­e oI the students and has a negative impaFt &ommu niFation talks about the FompetenFe in language ,I students have the grasp oI the language, they Zill be able to e[press themselves Flearly and eIIiFientl­y resulting to an inFreased level oI students¶ perIor manFe ,n terms oI learning IaFilities, students learn best iI the Flassroom is FonduFive Ior learning ZhiFh Fan be speFiIied in terms oI lighting, ventilatio­n, Iurniture like Fhairs and tables 7he other IaFtor is all about proper guidanFe 7his represent hoZ teaFhers, parents and Fommunity guide students in inFreasing the aFademiF perIormanF­e oI the students 7he guidanFe oI the teaFhers is inevitable Ior all students in the st Fentury noZ that Ze are IaFed Zith the use oI modern teFhnologi­es and eTuipment 7eaFhers must be eTuipped Zith the knoZledge, strategies and teFhniTues on hoZ to teaFh the Fontent or a speFiIiF disFipline to the students 7he use oI online appliFatio­n and programs may also be oI help in engaging our students Zith soFial media, thus, teaFhing them to be more responsibl­e Fiti]ens oI the Fountry 7here is a need Ior a pedagogiFa­l retooling espeFially iI the strategies that the teaFhers use are not anymore eIIeFtive Ior a student ,n the same manner, students must also be responsibl­e Ior their oZn learning by being FritiFal thinkers as they move Irom one step to another 1everthele­ss, the programs the Department oI EduFation has provided and the interventi­ons that are presented Zill all be useless iI teaFhers Zill still be the same teaFhers as beIore :e have to remember that in solving the problem, Ze have to knoZ its roots so that the roots oI the problem Zill not anymore prosper beFause Ze have already provided solutions Ior it %e innovative, Freative, FritiFal and Faring teaFhers in the st Fentury

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