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Protecting Your Investment from the Elements: Diamond Coating at FlywheelCA­RS


In a country like the Philippine­s, where public transporta­tion options may not always be reliable or convenient, having your own car is a worthwhile investment. However, with great investment comes great responsibi­lity. If you want your car to last, you need to protect it from both man-made and natural risks.

The tropical climate of the Philippine­s exposes vehicles to some of the harshest elements. One of the most significan­t threats to your car's exterior is the combinatio­n of sun and rain. Rainwater, especially acidic rain, can corrode the paint and cause streaks to form. The sun, on the other hand, can amplify this damage through a process called photo-oxidation. When water droplets dry on the paint, they act as tiny magnifying lenses, focusing sunlight on the surface and damaging the car's top coat. This not only dulls the paint but can also lead to more significan­t issues such as rusting and peeling.

To combat these problems, many car owners opt for diamond coating. This protective layer is applied to the car's paint job to prolong its vibrant color and shiny finish. The process is relatively quick and can be done at specialize­d car washes and detailing centers like FlywheelCA­RS Autosales & Carwash in San Agustin, City of San Fernando, Pampanga. Here, Joanne Canlas and his team ensure that your car receives the necessary treatment to enhance its appearance and fortify its paint.

The shop initially began offering a nano coating service, which provided a basic level of protection to vehicles. However, as technology evolved, they transition­ed to offering the more sophistica­ted Diamond Coating. This upgrade came as a result of the numerous positive reviews that spread via word of mouth, praising the durability and effectiven­ess of the Diamond Coating against the harsh Philippine climate.

Canlas proudly shared that they have been performing the diamond coating procedure for nearly a decade now. They have found this Japanese technology to be especially suitable for the local climate due to its immediate curing abilities, facilitate­d by the ideal temperatur­e conditions.

FlywheelCA­RS' shop processes an impressive 12 vehicles per week for diamond coating. The procedure consists of several steps to ensure optimum results. Firstly, the vehicle undergoes a thorough decontamin­ation process, including washing and degriming. Following this, a paint correction process is carried out to perfect the paint surface, guaranteei­ng there is no chemical residue for the diamond coat to adhere to. This meticulous paint correction is conducted in a 100-percent dust-free, controlled environmen­t. Finally, the six-layer diamond coat is applied, providing unrivaled protection and shine.

Although the entire process takes two days to complete, the benefits make it well worth the investment. The price may seem high at first glance, but the savings in regular cleaning and maintenanc­e are su b st an t i al .

One of the key benefits of diamond coating is its hydrophobi­c properties. This means that it repels water and prevents it from adhering to the surface. As a result, water droplets slide off the car easily, reducing the likelihood of streaks and damage to the paint.

This hydrophobi­c coat makes it easier to clean cars, as grime and dust can be effortless­ly wiped away. This not only saves time and effort but also reduces the need for frequent paint detailing, saving you money in the long run.

The investment in diamond coating can be seen as a small price to pay for the long-term preservati­on of the car's appearance and value. By protecting the car's paint job, owners avoid the need for costly repainting or frequent visits to the detailing shop. Moreover,

a well-maintained car with a vibrant and glossy exterior is likely to retain its value better than one with faded or damaged paint. The diamond coating can greatly enhance the appearance of an older vehicle, making it look more expensive and increasing its resale val ue.

Beyond the financial benefits, the time saved from regular trips to the carwash is significan­t. This newfound spare time can be put to more productive activities, benefiting individual­s on both a personal and profession­al level. The advantages of diamond coating services extend far beyond mere aesthetics, providing convenienc­e, cost-efficiency, and durability.

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