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/earning 0athematic­s presents Yarious challenges for man\ children 7he\ felt it was difficult and Eoring 2thers do not show compassion in learning it Eecause of fears in solYing Eigger numEers %ut 0athematic­s is eYer\where %asic sNills in learning math is Yer\ essential and applicaEle in real life situations 7here is a fun in learning 'o \ou agree with this" ,t depends on how the teacher strategi]e teaching and learning process 7he teacher ma\ use game-Eased instructio­n ,t is highl\ recommende­d E\ e[perts to let students understand and practice the Easics of mathematic­s :ith the aid of adYanced technologi­es children can learn mathematic­s in an attractiYe and motiYating wa\ :hile peer pressure can maNe them feel inferior educationa­l games let them do their Eest in a nonMudgmen­tal enYironmen­t without the fear of Eeing Mudged *ame-led learning giYes children an open canYas and doesn¶t need a superYisin­g pair of e\es *ame-Eased learning *%/ is a teaching method that uses the power of games to define and support learning outcomes $ *%/ enYironmen­t achieYes this through educationa­l games that haYe elements such as engagement immediate rewards and health\ competitio­n $ll so that while students pla\ the\ sta\ motiYated to learn 7eachers incorporat­e learning actiYities through games to refresh old concepts or solidif\ new ones 7he\ can create e[citing learning enYironmen­ts that increase student engagement *%/ math learning Eoosts students¶ aEilit\ to reason understand underl\ing concepts and find solutions to comple[ math proElems ,t motiYates students to find creatiYe solutions and driYe them to accelerate their learning haYing fun all the while

-o2o7he author is 7eacher ,,, at 0e[ico (lementar\ 6chool

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