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:e ma\ recogni]e student-centered learning E\ giYing our Nids more control oYer what the\ learn and how the\ acTuire it 6ome educators refer to this fundamenta­l concept as customi]ed learning 7his learning strateg\ differs from t\pical classroom instructio­n Nnown as teacher-centered learning in that student decision-maNing is a guiding factor in the learning process 7he trend toward more student decision-maNing can taNe man\ forms +oweYer seYeral characteri­stics are shared E\ all 6&/ applicatio­ns 7he\ focus for e[ample on maNing the educationa­l process more releYant to toda\ s pupils %\ including instructor­s and students in the assessment process 6&/ programs also stress using rigorous eYaluation­s to monitor student success 6tudent-centered learning allows \ou to worN in small groups or stud\ remotel\ 7he fle[iEilit\ proYided E\ 6&/ is Eecoming increasing­l\ important as schools react to the coronaYiru­s epidemic and the trend toward remote learning 7oda\s educators must figure out how to appl\ student-centered learning electronic­all\ :hile designing remote learning e[periences might Ee difficult we Nnow that remote classrooms can Ee Euilt in practical wa\s that integrate student-centered learning 7eachers are crucial to the educationa­l process 'edicated instructor­s go aEoYe and Ee\ond to ensure e[cellent outcomes for their pupils 7he function of instructor­s is Eoth marginali]ed and diminished E\ student-centered learning ,nstead it tries to Eoost student participat­ion E\ utili]ing instructor­s e[perience in Yarious wa\s

-o2o7he at $ndres 0 /uciano +igh 6chool 6an 3aElo 0agalang

author is 7eacher ,, 3ampanga &luster

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