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$ personal concept with different definition­s depending on culture is happiness 81(6&2 defines a happ\ school as one that promotes the learning health and well-Eeing of people families and communitie­s 7he four supports of happ\ schools² people process location and principles² are used to assist polic\maNers in EreaNing down happ\ schools into characteri­stics that s\stem-wide policies ma\ target 7he following concepts are critical to this campaign )irst curriculum pedagog\ and assessment alignment foster improYed Tualit\ in the teaching-learning process 7he curriculum should Ee multidisci­plinar\ and promote mutuall\ reinforcin­g academic sNill deYelopmen­t and social-emotional deYelopmen­t E\ focusing on the total person learner and citi]en 7hen in conMunctio­n with the Tualit\ of the curricular structure the curricular process that encourages science-Eased learner-centered cooperatiY­e actiYe pedagogies including learning through pla\ and e[periential or inTuir\-Eased approaches should Ee considered and should Ee reinforced E\ teacher training )ollowing that students should haYe chances for assessment that will enhance their agenc\ acNnowledg­e their social-emotional aEilities and allow them to e[hiEit their Nnowledge in Yarious wa\s on numerous occasions $ssessments should focus on learning progressio­ns clarif\ students thinNing and encourage Nnowledge applicatio­n to real-world issues )inall\ mechanisms for self and communit\ reflection are Eeneficial at all leYels of the school ecos\stem including the integratio­n of reflectiYe practices into teaching learning planning and management to optimi]e protectiYe factors liNe growth mindsets well-Eeing and mutual respect while minimi]ing risN factors liNe stress punishment Eull\ing or Yiolence 6chools ma\ serYe as communit\ centers for nutrition health recreation the arts music and intergener­ational learning :ould \ou liNe to taNe part in this campaign" ,f there is a will there is a wa\

-o2o7he author is 6chool +ead +ead 7eacher ,,, at 6ta 0onica (6 6asmuan 'istrict

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