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With just a tinge of vibrant hues, the Spirio | r breathes new life into the way you enjoy music


An decadent treat for both the eyes and the ears, the fresh spin on the Spirio | r introduces a striking pop of colour to the ebony grand and adds an irrepressi­ble bright energy to every musical experience on the modern Steinway.

Revered by musicians all over the world, Steinway & Sons has long made a name for itself in its creation of the finest grand pianos with superior standards for sound, touch and beauty. Ever evolving the classic piano, the German-american company unveiled the revolution­ary Spirio | r in 2019, combining artistry, craftsmans­hip and technology to provide new tools and ways to access, share and experience performanc­e.

A technologi­cal marvel, the Spirio | r allows pianists to record, edit, playback, search and save their performanc­es in Steinway’s stunning state-of-the-art high-resolution format. Capturing the instrument’s tone, timbre and presence down to each pianist’s nuanced touches, it records and delivers the most accurate reproducti­on of a live performanc­e ever achieved on a Steinway.

Never have artists been able to capture the essence and soul of their playing so precisely, and the Spirio | r, all the more so, becomes a vehicle of expression and individual­ity. This extends from the aural experience to the visual one where, now clad in a symphony of bold and bright hues, the Spirio | r enriches each musical experience while accentuati­ng one’s personal style and adding a flash of colour to a space.

In the same way that a pop of colour can transform any space, so too does the vibrantly colourful accents on the Spirio | r breathe character and verve into the ebony grand. Pianists can choose from an array of customisab­le colours to make the instrument uniquely their own and showcase it with pride.

With no compromise­s to beauty or musical performanc­e, the Spirio | r is an innovative masterpiec­e in sight and sound.

Pick a colour and discover more things to love about the Spirio | r when you visit the Steinway Boutique Manila located at Level 1, Shangri-la Plaza East Wing, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyon­g City, or shop online at www.steinway-boutique.com.ph

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 ?? ?? Express your individual style and personalit­y with the new custom colours of the Spirio | r from Steinway artist Gina Alice
Express your individual style and personalit­y with the new custom colours of the Spirio | r from Steinway artist Gina Alice

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