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Fun and funky wine calls for fun and funky glasses. Complete the natural wine experience with whimsical glassware.

1 Barbae Handmade Glasses

Made with an ancient torch to hand-sculpt process rich with improvisat­ion, each of Goldie Poblador’s curvy, handmade glassware is one of a kind. Undeniably unique, the 10-12cm wine glasses are grounded in feminine energy—solemn, yet powerful glorificat­ions of the female vulva. instagram.com/barbaeglas­s

2 Stemless Riedel Glasses

Stemless glassware has likewise grown in popularity, though naysaying classicist­s continue to opt for the traditiona­l, stemmed vessels. Made by celebrated manufactur­er Riedel, these stemless glasses marry both ends of the spectrum in a versatile, timeless design.


3 Tint Wine Glasses, Design Story

Not unlike the natural wine process, these glasses are elegant and simple, made in borosilica­te glass. However, the pinktinted bowl and yellow stem impart a fanciful, easy going feel. designstor­y.com.ph

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