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Rainbow Carrot Cake



2 eggs

2 cups of sugar

6 tsp cinnamon

2 cups of oil

3 cups of flour

6 tsp baking powder pinch of salt

4 cups of grated carrots 1 cup of mixed raisins

Beat the eggs and sugar until creamy and light in colour. Add all the rest of the ingredient­s except the fruit and mix well. Carefully fold the fruit into the cake mixture and pour into two greased cake tins. Bake in a preheated oven at 180deg for about 40 mins or until a knife comes out clean. While the cake is cooling, whip up a batch of your favourite lemon/lime buttercrea­m/cream-cheese icing ice and divide into three. Ice the top of the first cake, adding a layer of chopped strawberri­es and cover with more icing. Sandwich the second cake on top and dust the sides with icing sugar. Ice the top and decorate with edible flowers.

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