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Solenn Heusaff celebrates a new and empowered sense of self with the Belo Onda Coolwaves™Plus


The body is in constant flux. As seen in the lines on our faces, in the shape of our silhouette­s and in the way we carry ourselves, our bodies are repositori­es of our history and the experience­s that make up who we are. Embracing the tumultuous journey of motherhood, visionary multi-hyphenate Solenn Heusaff consciousl­y worked on forging a renewed confidence in her body and her identity as a woman.

No stranger to the spotlight since her younger years, Heussaff recalled her chase for the “ideal body” and its consequent­ial anxiety. She shared, “I was very conscious about the way I looked because everyone used to see me on the net or in my photos. I felt this constant pressure of having to be a different person and having to change my body into something that wasn’t me.”

It was when she finally gave birth to her daughter, Thylane, that she was inspired to shift her focus, first and foremost, to her baby’s health and to her own wellbeing as well. “It’s important also to focus on the things you want and the things you need. Because for me to be a good mother, I need to be able to be happy,” she said.

She gradually worked on herself not merely to “bounce back” to her old body, but to form a revitalise­d sense of self through exercising and maintainin­g a healthy diet. This didn’t do away with her insecuriti­es, though, as she developed stretch marks and what she referred to as a “mama pouch”, or the loose skin in the lower abdomen as a natural result of giving birth. “It gets harder as you age. Your skin is not as elastic or doesn’t bounce back as when you were 20. It’s nothing to be ashamed about,” she declared.

To target her specific problem areas, Dr Vicki Belo recommende­d the Belo Onda Coolwaves™Plus, a non-surgical body contouring system that penetrates deep into the body to destroy fat cells, diminish cellulite and promote skin tightening. The extra effective and painless Onda treatment series uses selective microwaves called Coolwaves™ that bypass the top layer of skin with the right heat to target fat cells at the right depth, dissolve the cell membrane and stimulate the production of collagen. The cells then naturally metabolise and are eliminated by the body.

Onda Coolwaves™Plus comes with a special PLUS handpiece, which conducts drainage massage that expels excess liquids from the body. This results in reduced fat, less cellulite and tighter, smoother and toned skin. While it’s typical to see results after two to four sessions, it took just one session for Heusaff to see a noticeable improvemen­t in her stomach area.

Since Onda Coolwaves™Plus destroys the fat cells themselves, the results of the procedure are long-lasting. The body stops producing new fat cells after adulthood which means the destroyed cells won’t be replaced, resulting in fewer fat cells forever.

Heusaff looks forward to seeing the results after more sessions of Onda Coolwaves™Plus and urges other women like her to always remember that things get better with time, perseveran­ce and help. There’s no shame in asking for profession­al help, especially when new phases in life bring new challenges.

Learn more about Onda Coolwaves™Plus and book an appointmen­t on belomed.com. You may also call +632.8819.2356.

 ?? ?? Solenn Heusaff stuns in her natural curves, proud of her body for achieving amazing feats
Solenn Heusaff stuns in her natural curves, proud of her body for achieving amazing feats

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