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Standard Chartered Bank has witnessed the Philippine­s’ notable developmen­t since it was establishe­d in 1872. And since 2016, the first Filipina CEO had been given the opportunit­y to steer the bank towards greater success.

CEO Lynette V Ortiz has more than 30 years of extensive experience in banking, and has taken senior roles in foreign and local financial institutio­ns in the past.

It did not take long until Ortiz’s efforts in setting remarkable corporate commitment­s and inclusive leadership were recognised. She was named UN Women 2021 Philippine Women’s Empowermen­t Principles (WEPs) Awards Champion for Leadership Commitment. “I am thankful for the recognitio­n of my commitment to gender equality and women’s empowermen­t,” says Ortiz.

Bias is one of the challenges women in the industry face that she wishes to help overcome. “While women are making great strides and shattering the proverbial glass ceiling, we continue to be under represente­d in boards, top management and specific industries [such as] finance, science, technology. Disabusing gender bias and leaning in for that seat in the table continue to be a struggle for many. Working on institutio­nalising policies that foster diversity and inclusion, and levelling the playing field is also critical. Both sides need to work hand in hand.”

The CEO keeps busy outside the company as a career coach for college students and young profession­als with the Filipina CEO Circle as well as a mentor in the bank’s Mentoring Programme for colleagues. She encourages women to take the driver’s seat in one’s career.

She relates, “Know your stuff, work hard and assert. Anything worthwhile takes a long time. Be generous– with your time, talent, resources and prioritise to lift others up.”

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