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- CEO, Poltrona Frau

What does entering the outdoor furniture environmen­t mean to Poltrona Frau? What is Boundless Living?

Poltrona Frau steps into the outdoor domain to expand a field that has always been at its core—one of comfort, unquestion­able quality and timeless elegance, a discreet luxury of concealed complexity while moving beyond traditiona­l limits. The brand delivers a type of luxury that cannot be limited in any way. Hence our interpreta­tion of Boundless Living, which is not just about functional borderless living—between inside and outside, between the public and private sphere, between residentia­l and contract—but about interpreti­ng space in a personal way. And with our customisat­ion options offered by the Residentia­l and Custom Interiors divisions, we will be able to meet the needs of designers, offering more than just a product but visions and lifestyles too.

Could you please explain the inspiratio­n behind The Secret Garden collection by Roberto Lazzeroni?

The Secret Garden is a kind of journey into the world, from inside out. It is the fruit of memories that are difficult to place in time and geography. As explained by Roberto Lazzeroni, it draws inspiratio­n from the memory of travel and holidays with my family on the Amalfi Coast in the Sixties, but also from more recent travels and inspiratio­n. Lazzeroni had the idea of furnishing the veranda of the Palacio de Seitas in Sintra, one of the most beautiful hotels in the world, imagining himself sitting under the pergola in wonderful, mysterious and secret gardens.

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