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Illac Angelo Diaz


Founder, Liter of Light

Inspired by the successful and impactful Ice ALS Bucket Challenge, Illac Angelo Diaz and the Liter of Light movement launched the Light It Forward challenge in 2020. It generated significan­t commemorat­ive celebratio­ns here and abroad, has been participat­ed in by over 5,000 celebritie­s, organisati­ons and distinguis­hed personalit­ies from five different countries as of date, and has lighted countless homes across the globe. The Light it Forward Campaign, in turn, received the Asia Pacific Social Innovation and Partnershi­p Award (APSIPA) for empowering people, businesses and social service groups to join hands in building solar lamps for depressed communitie­s at the height of the pandemic and quarantine restrictio­ns.

But the Liter of Light’s award-winning founder believes the work is far from over. “Almost 800 million people still do not have access to electricit­y, and there should be macro-scale as well as bottom-up approaches to solving energy poverty,” Diaz says. With this, he aims for investment in green jobs and local skills rather than relying on the imported and patented.

For those who aspire to be like him, Diaz shares that social enterprise is one of the ways Filipinos can address social issues in the country and the world. “Relying on donations is a cash burn and a difficult method. . .In this space [social enterprise], doing good and being financiall­y sustainabl­e are the objectives of the ‘People and Planet’ programme,” he advises.

Two years ago, Liter of Light’s inspiratio­n film about climate change premiered at the Expo 2020 Dubai. Early in 2022, Diaz was recognised as one of Conrad Manila’s Champions of Sustainabi­lity for his contributi­on to society and the environmen­t.

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