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Chef Patrick Co stirs the melting pot of cuisines through The Fat Cow and Asian Cow, and revolution­ises Davao City’s dining culture

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In the bustling southern city of Davao, The Fat Cow and Asian Cow are two well-revered dining establishm­ents owned by 27-yearold chef and restaurate­ur Patrick Co. If one were to trace where the young visionary’s passion for food started, it was when he was just 13 years old. On weekends, he would create his version of the delectable dishes he would see on television, experiment­ing with the ingredient­s native to his hometown.

After attending the Center for Asian Culinary Studies Davao and training in two restaurant­s, he realised it was time to carve his own path. He says, “That’s when the lightbulb lit up, and I told myself it’s time to open my place.” In April 2016, he establishe­d The Fat Cow with the help of his father, a long-held dream come true. Three years later, he opened his second restaurant, the equally loved Asian Cow.

“I always take inspiratio­n from my travels,” Co shares. “It could be from Michelin star restaurant­s in Thailand, a street food vendor in Japan or a food hawker in Singapore. They’ve inspired me to create new dishes for our restaurant­s until now continuall­y.” From fine continenta­l food to oriental fusion cuisine, you name it–the chef has concocted numerous crowd favourites, including a 48-Hour Sous Vide Wagyu Brisket, Ginataang Angus Beef Kaldereta, and Black Truffle Pasta. His unwavering dedication to his craft has resulted in numerous recognitio­ns, including a spot in the Tatler Dining Guide’s Best Restaurant­s in 2020, 2022 and 2023.

When asked about overcoming the difficulti­es of running top-notch restaurant­s at a young age, Co did not hesitate to admit the struggles of earning respect from the audience and older employees and running the restaurant while keeping it consistent and ahead of the game. Despite this, he encourages aspiring restaurate­urs to use their youth to their advantage and emphasises that age shouldn’t limit them from pursuing their goals.

“The advice I always tell my team, whether they’re in the dining room or the kitchen, is that they should absorb as much as they can and be open to change because it will either make or break them,” he remarks. “Be a work in progress. Be open to new things. Be aggressive with what you do. Most of all, always believe in what you do. Never forget your integrity–whether you’re a bartender, server, chef, or whatever role you have, always put integrity in front of you.”

With his culinary expertise, creativity and ambition, Co has contribute­d significan­tly to revolution­ising Davao’s culinary scene by blending different cuisines through innovative fusion recipes. It’s through The Fat Cow and Asian Cow that Co has been able to experiment, create and curate dishes just like how he used to do as a kid—but this time, for the world to experience.

 ?? ?? Founder and culinary creative behind Davao’s The Fat Cow and Asian Cow restaurant­s, chef Patrick Co
Founder and culinary creative behind Davao’s The Fat Cow and Asian Cow restaurant­s, chef Patrick Co

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