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EVER had an ex­pe­ri­ence mis­tak­ing some­one for some­body else?

Well, we had and more of­ten than we ever wanted.

Ap­par­ently, there are some celebri­ties in our midst who look too un­can­nily alike they seem to have been sep­a­rated at birth.

No, we’re not talk­ing about im­per­son­ators or mim­ics who make it their busi­ness to ac­tu­ally look like this and that celebrity.

We’re talk­ing about peo­ple who un­in­ten­tion­ally look alike by sim­ple co­in­ci­dence.

Take a gan­der at...

The idea may be pre­pos­ter­ous if down­right laugh­able to some but don’t tell us we’re wrong in say­ing the two could not be mis­taken as one per­son.

It should be said, how­ever, the two aren’t re­lated in any way at all.

Now Pops is, first and fore­most, a singer who has proven her­self ca­pa­ble as ac­tress. And, al­though way older than Maine, she doesn't look her age at all.

But Maine, al­though es­sen­tially a TV host, can alsp act and carry a tune.

Based on these at­tributes, they could ac­tu­ally have a freaky fri­day if ther so desrire.

But does Pops yearn for a come­back? Could Maine ac­tu­ally hack it as mother to two grown kids?

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POPS Fer­nande

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