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"I'm on grass," Piolo Pascual recently admitted to the media. But he was quick to add that the "grass" he's taking is something else. It's the special kind of grass that he has been taking for several years now.

Piolo Pascual takes barley grass supplement­s to sustain his health as an active athlete. Especially that he is into sports that tests not only his skills but his endurance and disease resistance as well, he needs to build up his immune system. "Eat the right food, take the right vitamins, take the right supplement­s," he says, "and if you want to be active, it's important that your supplement are of the right ingredient." He is referring to Sante Barley Max.

Santé Barley Max is made of pure, fresh, natural and organic young barley grass from New Zealand. The young grass of organic barley is harvested only once, when they reach 30 centimetre­s in height. Only the barley tops, where the nutrients are concentrat­ed, are harvested.

With all its nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, minerals and other constituen­ts in place, Santé Barley Max is a complete green food source. It contains the vegetables the body needs to consume in capsule form, perfect for modern day gladiators like Piolo. Regular consumptio­n of this amazing green food helps maintain good health and also helps reduce the risk of cardiovasc­ular and respirator­y diseases, promotes better digestion, and helps reduce pain and inflammati­on. "We don't really feel it when we train, but the effects are long-term," Piolo adds. "Taking something organic is, of course, always better. Especially so when we train outside, when we swim or run or do whatever sports, we don't feel what's coming [into our body} through the air that we breathe. So we need to have something that will counter that. In endurance, it helps a lot, especially for long hours of training."

Nowadays, eating the right food and keeping a good diet is usually coupled with the right food supplement­s. Sante Barley Max is certified organic, BFAD approved, and certified safe and effective.

Aside from Piolo Pascual, another avid user of Sante Barley Max is businessma­n-triathlete Keith Peralta, who is a consistent podium finisher in races. Keith swears that the supplement gives him stamina, power, endurance, and strength. "Basically you need power and endurance for triathlon," he says.

Sante Barley Max is now available at Mercury Drug, Watsons and all leading drugstores nationwide. More informatio­n is available at phone: (02) 667-3722 or (0998) 9643627, or 706577 -73; or at their Facebook account:­ymax.

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