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Feng Shui-perstition­s 2: Good & Bad Luck Insects!


In feng shui, if bees make hive in a place, that place will be blessed with joy and great fortune. But in western culture, there is a superstiti­on that if bees swarm on a roof, the subject house will burn down!

Bee sting in other cultures is not bad luck! It is attributed to be a cure for rheumatism. More so if a bee settles on your hand, it is an omen that money will be forthcomin­g. Better still if on your head, it means you will achieve greatness!

With butterflie­s, in some countries people believe that if you spot a white butterfly at the start of the year, you will have good luck all year around. Most cultures associate butterfly as a soul of a dead person. That’s why in Philippine folklore, if one spots a butterfly in a room, it is attributed to be the soul of dearly departed visiting the place. Thus it is bad luck to kill it.

Crickets chirping in a place are a harbinger for good luck too.

Good news for overseas workers’ families! When it comes to moth flying around a lamp at night, it signifies the arrival of a postcard. If it circles the lamp twice, the arrival of a letter; if thrice a parcel! But some belief also spells out that a white moth trying to enter a house or already in it is an omen of death.

For those hoping to travel abroad or migrate, if you see a spider in the afternoon going down its web; you will journey soon! In Christian European countries there is a belief that spiders should be protected as it brings luck and protection too. This stems from ancient urban legends that a spider hid Baby Jesus from King Herod’s soldiers by weaving a web over Him!

Should you have your own share of learned feng shuipersti­tions about insects, you may share it on my timeline on Facebook at FengShuiAl­dric! So be careful with insecticid­es as it may bring bad luck... or good if rightly used!

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