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Beauty Pageant Tips for Every Woman


With the craze over the 65th Miss Universe pageant currently being held in the Philippine­s, the local women are either envious or inspired by the outstandin­g looks of the candidates from different countries.

From that bouncy curls, glowing skin, on-fleek eyeliner, gorgeous shade of lipstick and all the way to that perfect smile – an onlooker would wonder: How do these beauties prepare themselves for the pageant night?

Good genes play a large part in the basic look of the Miss Universe candidates, each one being a winning beauty in their home countries. But there are things the rest of womankind can do to turn themselves into stunning beauties, too. Every woman indeed can be “confidentl­y beautiful with a heart.” Beauty queens and their glam team tell the secrets:

– This is the secret to those gorgeous smiles. By spreading a light coat across the teeth, petroleum jelly helps the woman’s lips from sticking to her teeth – and so she can smile for a longer. The jelly can also keep lipstick from getting on the teeth and, instead, make the lips shiny.

Former beauty queens reveal that puffiness under the eyes can be helped by putting a cold spoon on each under-eye. The spoons are to be refrigerat­ed for a few minutes beforehand. If this can’t help, there is always Preparatio­n H – a brand of medication used in treating hemorrhoid­s.

Though shampoo is advisable for hygiene, beauty queens say they skip having clean hair on night of the pageant. “Dirty hair holds better,” they say, perhaps because it has better body. Having unwashed hair for a night will not bring too much discomfort, anyway.

This may have been popularize­d by Kylie Jenner, but pageant candidates have been using it to plump their lips. Ms. Great Britain 2014 Grace Levy says that it defines her lips even if she’s not wearing her lipstick.

This may be the not-so-recommende­d secret of beauty queens, but this has had given them lots of instant wonders. They use it as homemade push-up bra, especially during the swimsuit competitio­n. They also tape it around the waist and stomach to create an illusion of a thinner body.

This is done five to10 minutes before the swimsuit competitio­n. Leg squats add more definition to the legs. Aside from with wearing swimsuit, leg squats may also encourage any woman on finally wearing that mini-skirt hanging in her closet.

It’s the beauty queens’ most important secret. Water keeps them hydrated and healthy for the pageant. It gives that natural and fresh-up glow. Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo reveals that drinking a lot of water is her go-to pageant beauty trick.

As the song goes, “A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.” It takes creative ways for pageant contestant­s to make sure their beauty stands out in the completion. And their tricks can work for any other woman, as well.

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