Wally Duck Wakes Up

The Freeman - - KIDSTUFF - By Pe­dro Pablo Sacristán

Wally Duck was a farm duck whose big dream was to be­come a tightrope walker. Ev­ery day he spent hours out on the rope, prac­tic­ing, en­cour­aged by his faith­ful friend, Ar­tie Quack. Ar­tie was an older duck who, when still young, had prac­ticed that very same art. Both of them were a bit flap-footed at it, but they had never let that get in the way of do­ing all they could to keep train­ing and hope­fully im­prove.

One day, a new ram ar­rived at the farm. Soon af­ter notic­ing the ducks’ tightrope prac­tice, he came over and be­gan prais­ing them. He said they were do­ing great, and he bet they could cross any precipice on that rope of theirs. This left Wally feel­ing highly en­cour­aged, de­spite Ar­tie com­ment­ing that he hadn’t no­ticed any real im­prove­ment.

A few days later, Wally found him­self with the ram, look­ing across a ravine. The gap was so wide that no one could jump it. It could only be crossed us­ing a tightrope. Ar­tie tried to talk his friend out of it. He wanted him to re­al­ize that he wasn’t such a great tightrope walker, and this thing with the ravine would be re­ally dan­ger­ous.

The ram dis­agreed, as­sur­ing them that

Wally Duck was the best tightrope walker in the whole re­gion, and that Ar­tie Quack was just jeal­ous of him. Both ducks got an­gry, and Ar­tie re­fused to help with the tightrope walk.

On the ravine, the ram egged Wally on, to reach the other side. But as soon as he had stepped out onto the rope Wally lost his bal­ance, and fell. For­tu­nately he landed on a small ledge, but when he asked the ram to help him up, he dis­cov­ered that he had dis­ap­peared.

Wally Duck had to spend quite some time there, and even worse, his leg was bro­ken. He re­al­ized that his old friend Ar­tie had been telling him the truth all along. He saw that it couldn’t have been easy for Ar­tie to tell him that he wasn’t a good tightrope walker, and Wally was grate­ful to have such a good friend who would al­ways tell him the truth.

And Ar­tie re­ally was a good friend, be­cause, know­ing what was about to hap­pen, he had gone straight off to find a group of wild ducks – old friends of his. Th­ese wild ducks

flew much bet­ter than the poor old farm ducks. Ar­tie pre­pared a res­cue op­er­a­tion with the wild ducks.

Wally asked Ar­tie to for­give him, and Ar­tie hap­pily did so. And, while be­ing res­cued, and fly­ing high, Wally could see that over on the other side of the ravine there was a load of well-hid­den and de­li­cious del­i­ca­cies.

Wally re­al­ized that it was all what the greedy ram had been in­ter­ested in. He wanted those foods, but couldn’t cross the ravine him­self, so had tried to use Billy to get them. Billy felt fool­ish, but also for­tu­nate, be­cause with the help of his new duck friends they man­aged to gather all that won­der­ful food, take it to the farm, and have a big party among real friends.

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