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For my spe­cial pre­sen­ta­tion on our talk­show Straight from the Sky, we bring you the is­sue that has be­come vi­ral in the Catholic clergy when His Ex­cel­lency Carlo Maria Vigano, Ti­t­u­lar Arch­bishop of Ulpi­ana and Apos­tolic Nun­cio, wrote an 11-page ex­posé of Arch­bishop Emer­i­tus of Wash­ing­ton, D.C. Theodore McCar­rick. This let­ter sought the res­ig­na­tion of Pope Fran­cis be­cause ap­par­ently he al­ready knew about the prob­lems of McCar­rick, yet still al­lowed him a lot of lee­way.

Al­low me to get a quote from that let­ter by Arch­bishop Vigano who wrote: “Bish­ops and priests, abus­ing their au­thor­ity, have com­mit­ted hor­ren­dous crimes to the detri­ment of their faith­ful, mi­nors, in­no­cent vic­tims, and young men ea­ger to of­fer their lives to the Church, or by their si­lence have not pre­vented that such crimes con­tinue to be per­pe­trated.

“To re­store the beauty of ho­li­ness to the face of the Bride of Christ, which is ter­ri­bly dis­fig­ured and by so many abom­inable crimes, and if we truly want to free the Church from the fetid swamp into which she has fallen, we must have the courage to tear down the cul­ture of se­crecy and publicly con­fess the truths we have kept hid­den.

“We must tear down the con­spir­acy of si­lence with which bish­ops and priests have pro­tected them­selves at the ex­pense of their faith­ful, a con­spir­acy of si­lence that in the eyes of the world risks mak­ing the Church look like a sect, a con­spir­acy of si­lence not so dis­sim­i­lar from the one that pre­vails in the mafia. “What­ever you have said in the dark... shall be pro­claimed from the house­tops” (Lk. 12:3).” This is how hon­est Bishop Vigano was in his let­ter!

Mind you, we are now in the Year of the Clergy and Con­se­crated Life and this ex­posé is re­vealed to the me­dia, and worse of all, the so­cial me­dia net­works are ques­tion­ing why the Vat­i­can has re­mained silent on this is­sue? In fair­ness, last Thurs­day Pope Fran­cis di­rected Bal­ti­more Arch­bishop William Lori to in­ves­ti­gate al­le­ga­tions by a West Vir­ginia Bishop to al­lay fears that it wasn't do­ing some­thing about this prob­lem. Mind you, call this an off­shoot to what was hap­pen­ing in Hol­ly­wood's Har­vey We­in­stein sex­ual ha­rass­ment cases that went vi­ral last year. But that's Hol­ly­wood, which is part of their daily fare. Here we are talk­ing about the clergy!

Since, I didn't want to have as my guest a mem­ber of the Cebu Arch­dio­cese as that per­son may not be able to an­swer many is­sues that have been brought forth, I called on my good friend, Dr. Rene Bul­le­cer of Hu­man Life In­ter­na­tional who is a layper­son with ties to the Vat­i­can. I openly told him what we would be talk­ing about and he clearly wanted to say his piece. Mind you, while many of the Pope's crit­ics have asked him to re­sign, both Dr. Bul­le­cer and I are not join­ing that call.

So watch this in­ter­est­ing dis­cus­sion on what the is­sues are hap­pen­ing in the Vat­i­can on SkyCable's chan­nel 53 at 8 p.m. with re­plays on Wed­nes­day and Satur­day same time and chan­nel. We also have re­plays on MyTV's chan­nel 30 at 9 p.m. Mon­day and at 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. on Wed­nes­day and Fri­day.

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At the An­gelus on Sun­day, Au­gust 12, 2018 Pope Fran­cis said these words: “Ev­ery­one is guilty for the good he could have done and did not do...If we do not op­pose evil, we tac­itly feed it. We need to in­ter­vene where evil is spread­ing; for evil spreads where dar­ing Chris­tians who op­pose evil with good are lack­ing.” Last Thurs­day, Pope Fran­cis met with US Catholic Church lead­ers to dis­cuss the sex­ual abuse cri­sis that has shamed the Church.

I un­der­stand that Car­di­nal McCar­rick has re­signed, be­com­ing the first US car­di­nal to step down due to al­le­ga­tions of sex­ual abuse. He served as Wash­ing­ton's arch­bishop from 2001 un­til his re­tire­ment at age 75 in 2006. Ac­cusers said Car­di­nal McCar­rick ha­rassed two mi­nors, as well as young adult sem­i­nar­i­ans. Ac­tu­ally there's more to this case.

Mind you, many is­sues were mis­di­rected to the priest's is­sue of celibacy, but in truth, the big­ger is­sue is about ho­mo­sex­u­al­ity within the clergy with so many top Vat­i­can of­fi­cials sup­port­ing the is­sue of ho­mo­sex­u­al­ity. This is to­tally wrong and should be stopped right away!

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