Still for Duterte, but for Mag­pale and Da­vide

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My small group of po­lit­i­cal an­a­lysts and I made a quick sur­vey in sam­ple in Du­man­jug (the Gar­cias' baili­wick), Ar­gao (Da­vide's turf), and Ronda (sup­pos­edly neu­tral for now be­cause the for­mer in­cum­bent mayor and vice mayor were as­sas­si­nated). Aside from the three pobla­cions, we se­lected three sam­ple barangays in each town. In Ronda; Vive, Lan­gin, and Li­boo. In Du­man­jug; Bu­lak, Tapon, and Look. In Ar­gao; Talaga, Alam­bi­jud, and Taloot. The ques­tions were whether they sup­port/ ap­prove of Duterte, Ro­bredo, Gwen Gar­cia, Agnes Mag­pale, Da­vide, and Sal­im­ban­gon. They were made to rate on a scale of 1 as low­est to 10 as high­est. Twenty sam­ple re­spon­dents were asked per barangay and 100 per pobla­cion or a to­tal of 480 re­spon­dents.

Ar­gao rat­ings re­vealed: Duterte 8.5, Ro­bredo 4, Gar­cia 3, Mag­pale 7.8, Da­vide, 9.85, and Sal­im­ban­gon 1.8. Du­man­jug: Duterte 7.2, Ro­bredo, 4.1; Gar­cia 7.9, Mag­pale 6.9; Da­vide 7.1, and Sal­im­ban­gon 3.2. Ronda: Duterte, 9.1, Ro­bredo 2.6; Gar­cia 6.1; Mag­pale 7.1; Da­vide, 9.5, and Sal­im­ban­gon 2.8. Over­all av­er­age for the three pobla­cions and nine barangays are Duterte 8.26, Ro­bredo 3.56; Gar­cia 5.6; Mag­pale 7.26; Da­vide 8.81 and Sal­im­ban­gon 2.6. If elec­tions are held now, the win­ners shall be Mag­pale for gover­nor and Da­vide for vice gover­nor. The vice gu­ber­na­to­rial con­test is a walk in the park for Jun-jun Da­vide. What is in­ter­est­ing is that the pres­i­dent is still very pop­u­lar in south­ern Cebu. It is also amaz­ing that Gar­cia is ahead by a slight mar­gin in Du­man­jug but Da­vide is far ahead of Gar­cia in Ar­gao. They are not eye­ing the same post but this is ac­tu­ally their fight.

Here are some re­marks fa­vor­able to the Mag­pale-Da­vide tan­dem: Malig­dong silang duha, walay mansa, dili ar­ro­gante, dal­ing duolon, matin­a­ban­gon, sin­cero kaayo. Ang ilang pam­ilya dili dy­nas­tiya. Nata­ban­gan g'yud nila ang akong anak. Ang duha dili pala­away, hilom lang dili pa­garpar, silent achiever, do not ad­ver­tise their ac­com­plish­ments, true pub­lic ser­vants, hon­est, re­li­gious, God-cen­tered, they have solid fam­ily not like other can­di­dates with bro­ken mar­riage and fam­ily. We like Agnes be­cause she is not very am­bi­tious but waits for her turn even when she is older than Da­vide.

There were also neg­a­tive com­ments about this team: Da­vide too slow, too laid back. Hi­nay li­hok. Mag­pale edaran na. Da­vide had­lokan mo-de­cide, too slow in de­ci­sion-mak­ing. Not risk-taker.

For Gar­cia-Sal­im­ban­gon, here are good re­marks: Dy­namic, pas­sion­ate, kugi­han, de­ci­sive, ac­tion-ori­ented. Risk taker and brave. Neg­a­tive com­ments: Tainted by the Om­buds­man is­sue, with pend­ing dis­qual­i­fi­ca­tion case, may not be able to as­sume even if she wins. Fam­ily dy­nasty, too many Gar­cias in pol­i­tics, too many en­e­mies. Pala­away. Sal­im­ban­gon is un­known en­tity, just shines in the shadow of her fa­ther, no known track record.

For the pres­i­dent, here are some of the re­marks: Maayo nalang may mikon­tra sa druga, isog ug way koloka­had­lok, pres­i­den­tenng Bisaya garbo nato nga taga Cebu. Neg­a­tive com­ments: Ayaw pal­abi ug pa­ma­likas, Manoy Digong. Ayaw awaya ang sim­ba­han kay dako ikata­bang sa imong ad­min­is­trasyon. Ro­bredo? She is a lit­tle-known el­e­ment.

This is a pri­vate sur­vey by stu­dents in mas­teral and doc­toral courses in pol­i­tics and po­lit­i­cal science. They have a the­sis and I will con­tinue to guide them and we will pro­ceed to the north­ern towns. No politi­cian is al­lowed to tam­per with the re­sults of our sur­vey be­cause this is a purely aca­demic ex­er­cise. Those who are hurt should un­der­stand that truth re­ally hurts. But many things can hap­pen be­tween now and the 2019 elec­tions. We can never be sure.

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