The power of small

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“One small step for man, one gi­ant leap for mankind,” de­clared Neil Arm­strong.

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love,” Mother Teresa said.

“Dream big, start small,” en­cour­aged Bo Sanchez.

“I am but a small voice,” sang Lea Sa­longa.

Much has been said about “The Power of Small.”

And they're true. If you ne­glect the small stuff, you'll lose on the big things. When you don't have time for your small kids, you'll lose them when they grow up.

If you don't pay your small debts, the huge in­ter­ests will drown you. When we don't dis­pose well of our small trash, we reap flash floods. When we stop do­ing small acts of love, the world will be filled with ap­a­thy and ha­tred.

If we don't take care of the small seeds, we won't have any­thing big to har­vest. Work well with small things. And be re­warded big-time.

Alvin Barcelona

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