Be­ware of the Scribes, be­ware of trad­pols

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To­day, the 32nd Sun­day in Or­di­nary Time, Mark 12:38-44 tells of first, the ad­mo­ni­tion given by the lord to be­ware of the Scribes, and sec­ond the story of the widow’s of­fer­ing. In to­day’s po­lit­i­cal sea­son, we can com­pare the Scribes to the tra­di­tional politi­cians, or trad­pols who are self-right­eous and hyp­o­crit­i­cal. The widow can be com­pared to poor but de­serv­ing can­di­dates who hon­estly of­fer time, tal­ents, and what­ever lit­tle trea­sures to serve the peo­ple and the na­tion. Vot­ers must be wary of politi­cians who have no ba­sic re­spect for hu­man dig­nity and the rights of the elec­torate.

Let us take a look at the many trad­pols, most of them mem­bers of well-en­trenched po­lit­i­cal dy­nas­ties. They be­lieve they are God’s gift to Filipinos. They have this mind­set of su­pe­ri­or­ity over oth­ers. They be­lieve that they and only they can serve the peo­ple with com­pe­tence and ef­fec­tive­ness. For in­stance a mayor in Metro Manila has a brother who is a se­na­tor and an­other who is a con­gress­man. When asked what his opin­ion was about pub­lic out­cry against dy­nas­ties, he said dy­nas­ties fa­cil­i­tate syn­ergy. When he needs more bud­get his broth­ers can aug­ment his city funds to serve their con­stituents. The nerve.

A can­di­date for se­na­tor who is fac­ing a plun­der charge is asked why he and his half-brother are both run­ning for the Se­nate, he non­cha­lantly an­swered that it is the peo­ple who de­cide to elect them. His fa­ther is a for­mer pres­i­dent and now a city mayor in Metro Manila and his own daugh­ter is run­ning for mayor in their small city also in Metro Manila. He claims that their clan has served the peo­ple well, hence they are al­ways sup­ported by vot­ers. This, to me, is the height of cal­lous­ness and in­di­cates the very dis­torted po­lit­i­cal val­ues in our so­ci­ety.

On the other hand are there can­di­dates who, like the poor widow, have no big taipans fi­nanc­ing their cam­paign. They have only close friends and rel­a­tives who be­lieve in their cause. I re­mem­ber in the mid-seven­ties when young Ce­buanos, call­ing them­selves Pusyon Bisaya dared to stand against the gi­ant KBL of Pres­i­dent Mar­cos. Here in Cebu, all the big trad­pols com­posed of the Os­meñas, Du­ra­nos, and all other dy­nas­ties were sup­port­ing KBL and run­ning un­der its ban­ner. The mes­sianic and quixotic ide­al­ists like Hi­lario G. Da­vide Jr. and Marcelo B. Fer­nan fought and won.

Thus, to­day, the peo­ple in Cebu and all over the na­tion should have the gift of wis­dom and dis­cern­ment. And hav­ing these gifts, they should re­ject trad­pols and sup­port poor but de­serv­ing can­di­dates. I call on Ce­buanos to re­ject all can­di­dates with more than two fam­ily mem­bers run­ning at the same time. I know of a fam­ily that has been run­ning since the time of Moses. They want to have one gov­er­nor, two con­gress­men, and two may­ors at the same time. I love this fam­ily, but I ask all my friends and rel­a­tives to teach them a les­son. Do not elect any of them.

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