Yes-man or yes, God

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An em­ployee puts in ex­tra hours to com­ply with his boss's orders even if it's his rest day. Dur­ing staff meet­ings, he agrees with every sug­ges­tion raised by col­leagues even if he has a dif­fer­ent opin­ion to share. When asked to help out in some­thing, he ac­com­mo­dates them even if he's tired. He feels that to say no is to be self­ish and dis­obe­di­ent.

Mary is a model of obe­di­ence. But she is no yes-man. In giv­ing her yes to God to be the mother of His Son, she still used her free will. In the Gospel, when Mary was told of her vo­ca­tion, she re­sponded with a ques­tion, “How can this be?”

Her re­sponse was not out of doubt (can it be done?) but a mat­ter of how it will be done since she had no sex­ual re­la­tions. Upon learn­ing that it was to be done by the power of the Holy Spirit, she gave her whole­hearted yes, even without un­der­stand­ing what her yes would mean. Mary's obe­di­ence stems from her great faith, love, and trust in God.

When your heart is at­tuned to God, there is noth­ing that God will ask of you that you can say no to. Make your heart like Mary's.

Ju­dith Con­cep­cion

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