Le­gends of the Sto. Niño de Cebu

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Manuel En­riquez dela Calzada orig­i­nally wrote this in Ce­buano, it was trans­lated into English by Martin Abel­lana. It was pub­lished in 1965. It was Con­suelo En­riquez-Uy, a de­scen­dant of the Dela Calzada, who do­nated copies of the book to the Cebu City Li­brary.

Nu­mer­ous en­tries on the le­gends of the Sto. Niño de Cebu are con­tained in the book. CEBU­pe­dia is run­ning a se­ries of se­lected sto­ries in the book, with the hope that the Cebu City gov­ern­ment, in co­or­di­na­tion with the fam­ily of Manuel En­riquez dela Calzada, will re­pro­duce the book so it can be dis­trib­uted to the pub­lic schools in Cebu City.

“On one par­tic­u­lar day dur­ing this time, there was a brisk breeze to tem­per some­what the heat, enough breeze for one par­tic­u­lar boy to fly his kite. The peo­ple were asleep, leav­ing the boy all alone to en­joy his pas­time. The boy had not en­joyed long look­ing at his kite when sud­denly the string of his kite snapped. The kite was car­ried by the wind and the boy fol­lowed it. The kite slowly de­scended but in­stead of di­rectly fall­ing to the ground, it ed­died and dropped in the palace of the king. (Note: re­fer­ring to King Hum­abon of the King­dom of Banawa, now known as the San Ni­co­las Dis­trict).

“The palace seemed to be de­serted for the oc­cu­pants were asleep. The boy went up to the palace climb­ing up a win­dow and went di­rectly to the room where his kite fell. When the boy reached the room, he found there was an­other boy play­ing with his kite. The two played to­gether fly­ing the kite by run­ning all around the room. Their run­ning here and there shook the palace as if it were shaken by an earth­quake. This awak­ened the oc­cu­pants of the palace in­clud­ing the king and the queen. What caused the palace to shake? They went to the dif­fer­ent rooms to find out for they thought that some­body had caused the palace to quake since there was an earth­quake after all.

“Fi­nally they opened the door of the room where the al­tar was. There they saw the boy panting for breath and sweat­ing pro­fusely. They asked the boy what he was do­ing. The boy an­swered that he was play­ing with the Boy on the al­tar. They looked at the Im­age of the Holy Child. They saw that the Im­age was also sweat­ing pro­fusely. Its clothes were to­tally drenched.” (To be con­tin­ued)

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