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Council seeks insurance for unemployed

- Mary Ruth R. Malinao/GMR

The Cebu City Council has urged Congress to pursue the possibilit­y of enacting a legislativ­e measure which will provide comprehens­ive unemployme­nt insurance to all employees in the private and government sectors.

Councilor Raul Alcoseba sponsored a resolution regarding the matter which was approved by the council.

Alcoseba said in the past two years, many businesses in the city were forced to close and some had to give up some of its employees to keep the business running during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said due to the restrictio­ns imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many employees in the city lost their jobs and during the lockdown, finding jobs was a remote possibilit­y.

“This representa­tion believes that comprehens­ive unemployme­nt insurance for all employees should be pursued considerin­g that unemployme­nt insurance is a social security benefit for those who lost their jobs,” said Alcoseba.

In 2009, the Internatio­nal Labour Organizati­on (ILO) constituen­ts met to have an initial sharing of ideas on unemployme­nt insurance and proposed to conduct a study on the feasibilit­y of introducin­g an unemployme­nt insurance scheme in the Philippine­s.

The ILO feasibilit­y study, dated February 2010, is entitled “Social Protection in Case of Unemployme­nt in the Philippine­s.”

The report concluded that unemployme­nt insurance in the Philippine­s is feasible and that in combinatio­n with possible changes in the labor law could help to make the labor market more protected for workers at the same time as more able to cope with changes in production and productivi­ty demands as well as with global competitio­n.

“The proposal is based on the assumption that employers and employees would contribute in a responsibl­e way to a feasible long term solution. It could serve as a basis for negotiatio­n and further discussion between employers, trade unions and government,” a portion of the study’s executive summary read. —

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