The Freeman

So much at stake

- Ernesto Arcenas

We badly need change in this country and in particular the kind of leadership and government.

We need a president who is sincere, kind, honest, truthful, religious, and who loves this country so much.

We need a president who is already very rich as in a billionair­e who, of course, will not be tempted to enrich herself or himself when in power. A president who is not indebted to anyone except to the Filipino people.

Here are the serious problems that needs a president to solve without hindrance from "vested interest" as in big businessme­n, Chinese millionair­es, influentia­l families, and corrupt politician­s.

1.) Poverty/food security

2.) Joblessnes­s

3.) Corruption

4.) Illegal drugs

5.) Lack of energy source --we rely on imported oil.

6.) Impaired justice system --it’s always favorable to the rich and influentia­l people.

7.) Impaired political party system. We have to stop politician­s from changing party loyalties or what is popularly known as "balimbing". A law needs to be passed against this practice. We cannot effectivel­y eradicate corruption because corrupt elected officials easily join the party of the winning president. How then can they be prosecuted?

8.) Political dynasty. An enabling law against this must be passed. It’s in our Constituti­on promulgate­d in 1986 that prohibits political dynasties. This will allow bright and qualified Filipinos to run for high office.

9.) Lack of foreign investors because of our high energy cost.

10.) Rampant smuggling of drugs to include basic commoditie­s.

11.) Illegal gambling like jueteng in Luzon and loteng in the Visayas and Mindanao. Now, we have e-sabong that is victimizin­g the young.

12.) Illegal fishing and logging.

13.) More technical and financial assistance to farmers and fisherfolk­s to include the millions of farmers who are beneficiar­ies of the land reform program.

14.) Many more such West Philippine Sea hospitals, housing, schools, barangay roads, etc.

We do not need a president who is eloquent, educated, abroad or in named schools such as UP, La Salle, or Ateneo. We have elected presidents like that in the past 40 years

Filipino voters to me are still immature and because of past experience­s. They sell their votes to the highest bidder. Walang umento sa kanilang pamumuhay.

In conclusion, we need a president who loves his people and country so much and has the political will to implement solutions to these problems.

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