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Beware: History from his story!


Upon writing this at five o’clock in the morning while having a mug of black coffee I had a flashback memory of my grandparen­ts when they were still alive.

Growing up in a strong family-tied type of upbringing brought me to silent tears of those sweet yet authentic memories of my lolos and lolas from both of my parents’ sides.

Aside from usually enjoying black coffee and the “tinoghong” --our version of porridge or lugaw-- we also enjoy hearing old songs from our battery-powered radio cassette even the most famous E-intake-e indak tone as we listened to the Jai-alai results hoping to win the three-digit combinatio­ns of numbers 1 to 10. It brought me much nostalgia especially the part when we grandsons and granddaugh­ters will ask either our lola or lolo about what happened in the past and how they fell in love with each other and even how the government, the church, the people, and the culture were then and how they contribute­d as to what we are now in the current generation.

My favorite part was when my lolo shared a story that has not been mentioned in any books available today.

He talked about the first wars emphasizin­g weaponry like arrows, and bows.

He also talked about the colonizati­on of great countries such as Spain, America, and Japan. He reminded us about the spirit of true Filipinos. He then shared about the economy and money value. He even shared about the assassinat­ion of Senator Ninoy Aquino and how EDSA occurred.

He then highlighte­d the proclamat ion of martial law. He was uncertain why President Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law. Not until one night after a big harvest of their corn, an enormous number of masked people with long guns appeared in the house asking them to give food donations and let them use their decade-old rifles for a big encounter that was about to happen in one of the municipali­ties in the Visayas. My lolo at that time was helpless since the group of forcefully got the gun and told lolo that if he refused something very bad will happen to his family. That night was an eye-opener for him and made him realize that the communist party and New Peoples Army in the Philippine­s were now intruding on private properties.

Insurgency! Rebellion is the ultimate reason why there is a need to give the military men the power to reinforce the law throughout the country.

I asked him; “Lo, why it has not been written in any books in school?”

And it has not been taught by the teachers to the pupils why martial law had to be declared. We were taught that it was President Marcos who was the mastermind of the assassinat­ion of Senator Aquino.

“How true was that?” I asked.

He just smiled and said,” beware not of dogs but the history.”

Why were we not taught of the Mendiola and the hacienda massacres?

Then he added, “What do we call that person who writes a book?”

I answered, “Author, lo.”

He nod his head and said, “All that you said you were taught is not the history; it is his story.”

Now, I conclude not all that was written actually happened, but a new history is about to happen.

Algene T. Radana

Canlumampa­o Elementary School Bagakay, Toledo City

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