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Cult leader, helper nabbed for rape

- — Iris Hazel M. Mascardo/GMR

The National Bureau of Investigat­ion (NBI) Mandaue Field Unit has arrested an alleged notorious religious cult leader and faith healer for allegedly committing two counts of rape.

The authoritie­s said the accused, Teodoro Rico Feriol, identified himself as “Dios Amahan” who allegedly manipulate­d his victims for a “spiritual obligation” through sexual exploitati­on.

Personnel of the NBI said Feriol is a cult leader who belongs to Higawnon Spiritual Consultati­on Services, and maintained a temple at Udlom, San Isidro, Asturias, Cebu where he was also arrested early dawn of Thursday, May 12, 2022.

NBI-Mandaue officer-incharge, Arnel Pura, said the complainan­ts who were victims of Feriol were both females, including a minor.

According to Pura, the Regional Trial Court in Toledo City issued two warrants of arrest for two separate cases of rape.

The crimes were committed in 2020 and in 2021, respective­ly. These charges have no recommende­d bail.

Executive officer Agapito Gierran said that the commission of rape had something to do with the beliefs of the cult that Feriol reportedly leads.

"The manipulati­on made the subject himself, who represente­d himself as Dios Amahan, or God the Father, the subject is also spiritual healer, some of his victims are his followers," said Gierran.

According to him, the moment a patient is healed, he requires them to undergo a “mission” at their temple.

Investigat­ion revealed that the sexual exploitati­ons were being done during this so-called mission.

During the operation, Gierran said it was hard for them to penetrate the area since, aside from it being located in a mountainou­s part, the area was surrounded with men believed to be “gun-for-hire”.

In an interview, the accused denied the accusation­s adding that he couldn't do such acts.

"Di na namo pwede buhaton kay mawagtanga­n man mig power, mawad-an man mig espirito," he told the media.

He also denied leading a cult, adding that their healing service is registered with the Department of Trade and Industry.

"Dili pud hinuon business kay di man mi mosingil, depende lang unsa ilang dal-on, kay amo ra pud kan-on," said Feriol.

Suspect is now detained at the NBI-Mandaue District Office.


Meanwhile, a male helper who allegedly raped the daughter of his employer was arrested by the Talisay City police in Barangay Mohon, Talisay City, Cebu morning of Thursday, May 12, 2022.

Authoritie­s identified the accused as Laurence Campaña, 26, whose name ranks as the sixth most wanted person in the city.

Lt. Colonel Randy Caballes, Talisay City Police Station chief, said the warrant of arrest was issued by Judge Romso A. Reyes Jr., of RTC Branch 7 in Talisay City.

The warrant of arrest for statutory rape was issued on April 13, 2022 which no bail is recommende­d.

According to Caballes, the crime of rape was committed inside the house of Campaña's employer on February 11, 2022.

"Nagtrabaho ni as boy/helper. Ang gi-raped anak sa iyang amo," Caballes said.

Further checking revealed that the accused has faced a case of qualified theft prior to the commission of alleged rape with the same complainan­t, his employer.

"After sa hitabo didto na ni siya sa Lapu-Lapu nagtago ug nanarbaho sa Mepza isip tighugas ug plato sa canteen didto," said Caballes.

The accused is now under the custody of the police.

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