Warring families in Maguindanao end feud

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COTABATO CITY – Two Muslim families at war have finally reconciled and surrendered three rifles and an anti-tank weapon to the army which facilitated the peace talks in Maguindanao province in southern Philippines, officials said Sunday.

Officials said the 603rd Infantry Brigade facilitated the end of a bloody war between the Daraba-sasao family and Kumiling-nati family with clan leaders agreeing to reconcile. The ceremony was held Saturday at the headquarters of the 37th Infantry Battalion in Barira town.

The violent dispute started due to grudges that escalated into a deadly clashes that left 2 people dead in July this year. Brigadier General Jesus Sarsagat, the brigade commander, and Barira Mayor Abdul Radjak Tomawis helped in settling the dispute and both sides thanked all those who helped in the success of the talks.

Military photos show the warring families during the peace talks at an army base in Maguindanao province in southern Philippines.

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