Zambo solon tirades vs. Mayor Beng continues

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Traditional politician Celso Lobregat who is a rabid critic of popular Mayor Beng Climaco continues his tirades and black propaganda against the local government and this time blamed present administration for the results of the National Achievement Test.

Lobregat told journalists that the results of the examination show how poorly the students in the elementary and secondary levels rated in the NAT, placing them second from the bottom. But Lobregat did not say that the outcome of the National Achievement Test is entirely on how students prepared and reviewed for the examinations.

The National Achievement Test, is a set of examinations taken by students in Grades 6, 10, and 12. Students are given national standardised test, designed to determine their academic levels, strength and weaknesses. Their knowledge learned throughout the year are divided into 5 categories - English, Filipino, Math, Science and Araling Panlipunan or Social Studies and are tested for what they know.

The examinations aim to provide empirical information on the achievement level of pupils or students in Grades 6, 10 and 12 to serve as guide for policy makers, administrators, curriculum planners, supervisors, principals and teachers in their respective courses of action.

The National Achievement Test also identifies and analyses variations on achievement levels across the years by region, division, school and other variables and determines the rate of improvement in basic education with respect to individual schools within certain time frames. Since she won the mayoralty race in landslide elections, Mayor Beng has strongly prioritized “Education” along with “Security and Health” not only for the welfare of her constituents, but as a concrete manifestation of her administration’s various pro-poor programs.

Mayor Beng also accused Lobregat, who was not born in Zamboanga, for his penchant in making up and fabricating allegations just to be in the media news.

Lobregat, she said, is now on “survival mode” and panicking because he knows he will not win in the May 2019 midterm elections. “The people are fed up with him. Lobregat ruled many, many years as congressman and mayor of Zamboanga and what have we achieved, and basically Lobregat use traditional politics and antics to stay in power just like a dictator,” she said.

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